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277 Replies to Shri Semanti and Rajan श्री सॆमांटी और राजनजी को जवाब శ్రీ సెమాంటి, రాజన్ గారికి జవాబులు

Semanti said...

Swamiji need not influence Himself because He Himself is the Divine Nectar & Energy for all. Dear blog writer, I pray to Swamiji to forgive & Bless you always!
Reply to Shri Semanti: Swamiji cannot forgive me or bless me now. He does not exist. Only his memories remain. Mr. Narendra Modi is using some of them, to derive political benefits by displaying Vivekananda's image. Divine Nectar & Energy are all imaginary. If Swamiji really enjoyed the divine nectar, there would not have been any need for him to crave for American Turtles, shad fish, chicken. He would not have encouraged sacrificing a goat for Durga Puja, Was there any divine nectar in goat's meat?

The main weakness of Indians (a la the Europeans and North Americans) is they do not make efforts to identify true merit. They go by packing of goods, instead of the quantity and quality of the underlying goods.

Solid proof for this:

I have earlier given. When Vivekananda was on his first tour of USA in connection with the Chicago Congress of Religions, Veerchand Gandhi also participated in it. At that time, India was passing through a famine. Veerchand Gandhi mobilised two shiploads wheat in USA and returned to India for serving the drought-stricken. Vivekananda stayed there for four years, entering into a "promotion" contract with an American Speech Promotion, Company, got cheated by them, cursed them.

I have not seen Narendra Modi, or Indians (or at least Jains and Gujaratis) remembering the services of Veerchand Gandhi with warmth. Why Veerchand Gandhi was forgotten? Why Vivekananda's name is hammered everywhere?

Will my admirers of Vivekananda answer this riddle?

rajan said...

In Indian philosophical (sanathana dharma) syatem knowledge is imparted by a guru. The guru must be a perfect human being who have conquered all desires and weaknesses of human flesh. Ramakrishna and Vivekananda were ordinary humans with all base desires. Their teachings are of no value because they indulged in things which are proscribed in default definitions of Hindu religious tenets.

The two people were glorified by their disciples and made to appear that they were saints. But actually they were just ordinary men and as such their teachings are of no value. I thing Indians should forget characters like Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Saibaba, Nithyananda et al.



To Shri Rajan: Most Important: Hinduism is not a religion at all. Sanatana dharma, claimed by Sanskrit Pandits is only one branch of Hinduism. Hinduism is Indian culture. There is lot of confusion in BJP, RSS, VHP and others about Hindutva. Both the terms Hindutva and Hinduism refer to geographical name of the people residing to the East of Indus River. For this reason only, Hindus never indulged in converting others. Conversion by inducements, use of physical force, false propaganda, abuse of Gods/Goddesses whom people worship in India, has become a lucrative business for the foreign missionaries and , Indian missionaries receiving funds from abroad. Under 1000 years of Muslim and Christin rule, both of which fished in the troubled waters of India, made Indians feel insecure, that something was happening to their lives. This gave opportunity to God persons like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, Paramahamsa Yogandanda, (this list is unlimited) to imitate the alien missionaries and take up propagation work.

Now, we have the latest fad yoga, with the UNO declaring June 21 as International Yoga Day. This may be a stunt by powers controlling UNO, to curry favor with Modi. The European and American Powers have a knack. Whenever Indian Heads of State/Govt. visit their countries, they will arrange for unveiling of some statues of Indians like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru etc. Why? This is because India has 350 billion bucks with it mobilised by begging for foreign investments offering allocation of valuable public lands in India, and the Indian markets on a golden plater. India is too eager to buy weapons, oil, aircrafts, ships, submarines, radars, drones (hurry is for valid reasons), which the Europe, America, Israel sell, competing with one another, offering kickbacks. Opening a Vivekananda chair, installing a Gandhi statue, declaring a Yoga day, they are all baits attached to the strong nets. Indians have to be very very wary of manoeuvers of the MNCs and their Govts.

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276 I only pray the non-existing God, that this particular author ought to have read my blog TOO, inter alia his other materials

The following is a link to (presumably Oxford University Press) which contains a review of a book on Swamy Vivekananda, published by them.

This book is priced at Rs. 1,195/- (obviously a euphemism for 1200 bucks.  Hindi:  स्पष्ट है, बारह सौ रूपये कठोर पद स्थान पर मधुर पद १,१९५).  It is definitely beyond my reach and probably beyond the reach of people in India, Pakisthan, Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Indonesia (Indian Sub-Continent).

Hence, I cannot afford to buy it and read it.  Hence, I cannot write any review on it.  Details of the author, number of pages etc. are given below.

Debating Vivekananda: A Reader
Author(s): A. Raghuramaraju
215 X 140mm
13 Oct 2014
542  Pages
Price:  1,195.00
Printer Friendly
Available for sale.

Those who want to buy, can buy at the OUP website.

More details about the author as per the OUP website:  A. Raghuramaraju is Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Hyderabad. He has published widely in the areas of social and political philosophy and Indian philosophy. University Grants Commission recently appointed him as Principal Investigator for e-content development for Philosophy for its e-PG Pathshala.

The review at the OUP website has a tab called contributors.  I quote the contributors details from that review.

Nemai Sadhan Bose (1931-2004), Guru Nanak Research Professor, Asiatic Society, Calcutta. He was also Professor at Jadavpur University and later became Vice-Chancellor of Visva-Bharati in 1984. His books include Indian Awakening and Bengal and Swami Vivekananda.

Indira Chowdhury is a scholar-in-residence at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology where she has initiated the Centre for Public History. Formerly professor of English at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, she has a Ph.D. in history from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Her book The Frail Hero and Virile History was awarded the Tagore Prize in 2001. She translated Ashapurna Debi's major novel, The First Promise in 2004. Her interest in lexicography led her to compile the Indian English Supplement included in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary in 1996. She is responsible for setting up the Archives of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, Dr Reddy's, and Indian Institute of Management,Calcutta among others. She has curated several archival exhibitions at TIFR, IIMC, and IMSc. In 2006, she was awarded the New India Fellowship to write an institutional history of TIFR.

Vrinda Dalmiya teaches Philosophy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Her research interests include epistemology, feminist care ethics and environmental philosophy. She has worked in the emerging field of Comparative Feminist Philosophy and attempts to initiate a dialogue between the Mahabharata and contemporary feminist thought. She has published in numerous journals in these areas.

Prabha Dixit, retired from Department of History, Miranda House, Delhi University.

Paul Hacker (1913-1979) was one of the most important German Indologists.

Wilhelm Halbfass (1940-2000) was Professor of Indian Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of India and Europe: An Essay in Understanding, On Being and What There is: Classical Vaisesika and the History of Indian Ontology, and Tradition and Reflection: Explorations in Indian Thought.

Krishna Prakash Gupta holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard.Formerly, Professor at the Department of East Asian Studies,University of Delhi. Currently, a Think Tank consultant.

D.H. Killingley taught in the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, and Newcastle University, England. He was also Visiting Professor in the University of Vienna. He is the author of Rammohun Roy in Hindu and Christian Tradition (Newcastle upon Tyne, Grevatt & Grevatt, 1993) and Beginning Sanskrit (3 volumes, Newcastle upon Tyne, Grevatt & Grevatt, 2004-2006). He recently contributed a chapter on Vivekananda to Gurus of Modern Yoga, edited by Ellen Goldberg and Mark Singleton (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013).

Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964), a well-known writer, statesman, and the first Prime Minister of independent India.

Carl Olson is Professor of Religious Studies at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA. He is the author of 17 books and over 200 book reviews and essays, including books such as The Mysterious Play of Kali: An Interpretive Study of Ramakrishna, The Many Colors of Hinduism and the most recent The Allure of Decadent Thinking: Religious Studies and the Challenge of Postmodernism (Oxford University Press, 2013).

Nirmal Mukherjee. Editor's Note: I have not been able to get the institutional affiliation and other details of Nirmal Mukerjee. In case I get any information I will get it incorporated in the subsequent reprints.

Ashis Nandy is a deprofessionalized psychologist and political analyst who also delves in future studies. He has been working on genocide and cultural resistances to genocide, alternative cosmopolitanism and languages of dissent. Three of his most recent books are Romance of the State, Time Treks, and Regimes of Narcissism.

Anantanand Rambachan is Professor of Religion at Saint Olaf College, Minnesota, USA. Among his books are, Accomplishing the Accomplished, The Limits of Scripture, The Advaita Worldview: God, World and Humanity, and A Hindu Theology of Liberation (forthcoming).

Sumit Sarkar is former Professor of History at University of Delhi, Delhi.

Brajendranath Seal (1864-1938) classmate and friend of Swami Vivekananda, was a renowned Bengali Indian humanist philosopher.

Jyotirmaya Sharma is professor of political science at the University of Hyderabad. His recent publications include Cosmic Love and Human Apathy: Swami Vivekananda and the Restatement of Religion, HarperCollins, New Delhi, 2013, A Restatement of Religion: Swami Vivekananda and the Making of Hindu Nationalism, Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 2013.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920) is popularly known as Lokamanya. He gave the call for 'Swaraj'. He was a journalist, teacher, and lawyer apart from being an active member in Indian freedom struggle against British rule.


1. Among the above contributors, our freedom leaders like Lokmanya Tilak, Jawaharlal Nehru, might not have had time to read the Complete Works of Swamy Vivekananda, as they were busy leading the freedom struggle.  Besides they were writing books like Gita Rahasya, Discovery of India.

2.  I am sad that I have not read the books of the above contributors.  I am unable to say anything about them.

3. About the author:  I only wish, that Shri Raghuramaraju and the Editors of the OUP read this blog.  If they were to read this blog, how they will react?  It may be interesting to know.  This will never happen; hence I have used the subjunctive impossible mood "If they were to read".

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275 Replies to Anonymous

275 Replies to Anonymous in respect of his Comments dated 19th March 2014.

Discussion Menu: Life Style, Hindu Monks, Control of Senses, Celibacy, virginity, Miss Muller, Bengalies

Anonymous said... There was some confusion in the mind of Miss Muller that Swami Vivekananda was not following strict discipline of Vegetarianism and smoking Cigarette as a Hindu monk. Swami-ji pointed out that these are nothing to do with Monks, rather monks are strict to Brahmacharya(purity in mind and body) and service to mankind. Later Miss Muller realized her mistake after two years and they had a very good relationship. There is no secret or surprise on their friendship.

If you read letters of Swami Vivekananda then these will be clear. March 19, 2014 at 2:27 AM


Your comment: Later Miss Muller realized her mistake after two years and they had a very good relationship. There is no secret or surprise on their friendship.

Please furnish some proof to show that Miss Muller had realised her mistake after two years and that they had a very good relationship.

Her saying to Bombay newspaper: ''her saying that she is face to face with the unavoidable conclusion that it is utterly rotten and corrupt from beginning to end and full of danger to the unhappy people who place their faith in it. "

This comment is not an ordinary comment about just some non-veg. food or smoking. Nobody will say 'utterly rotten and corrupt from beginning to end and full of danger to the unhappy people who place their faith in it' when they see a person eating non-veg and cigars.

Your comment: ''...rather monks are strict to Brahmacharya(purity in mind and body) and service to mankind...''
Please provide definitions of strict brahmacharya (purity in mind and body).

Purity in body

Will a body dumped with turtles, shad fish, chicken, cigar smoke be pure?

Purity in mind

How will you define purity of mind?
Swamiji himself wrote that his nerves were overtaxed. A person with purity of mind should not have his nerves overtaxed.
Swamiji himself wrote to a lady asking her to send photos to verify how much fat she built.
Swamiji himself wrote a letter to a foreign lady demanding money, claiming credit for her getting a good husband. See this quote.
But "Willy" or no "Willy", I must have my money, don't forget. Harriet is discreetly silent since she got her boy; but where is my money, please? Remind her and her husband of it. If she is Woolley, I am greasy Bengali, as the English call us here — Lord, where is my money?

I have got a monastery on the Ganga now, after all, thanks to American and English friends. Tell Mother to look sharp. I am going to deluge your Yankee land with idolatrous missionaries.

Tell Mr. Woolley he got the sister but has not paid the brother yet. Moreover, it was the fat black queerly dressed apparition smoking in the parlour that frightened many a temptation away, and that was one of the causes which secured Harriet to Mr. Woolley; therefore, I want to be paid for my great share in the work etc., etc. Plead strong, will you?

Who is the greasy bengali fat black queerly dressed apparition smoking in the parlour in the above quoted letter to Ms. Hale? Our Vivekananda only. Why does he want to deluge the yankee land with idolatrous missionaries? Where is Vivekananda's money? Shame! Shame to Indians!

Swamiji prayed a woman to come to India to have a 'hot time in this old town'. Is this an indication of purity of mind?

"... What do you think will be very good for me on earth? Silver? Gold? Pooh! I have got something infinitely better; but a little gold will not be amiss to keep my jewel in proper surroundings, and it is coming, don't you think so? I am a man who frets much, but waits all the same; and the apple comes to my mouth by itself. So, it is coming, coming, coming. ... Now, how are you? Growing ever thinner, thinner, thinner, eh? Do have a very good appetite and good sleep in anticipation of the coming good time — to be in trim for welcoming its advent. ... "

Is this a lullaby written by Vivekananda with purity of mind? Who is this jewel? Why gold? What is this apple coming to his mouth by itself? What is this coming, coming, coming.

"You must persuade Harriet to give me a few dollars every month" .

What is Harriet giving Vivekananda a few dollars every month?


Swamiji added service as a mask for his craze to mobilise dollars. If there is no mention of service and charity, foreign donors will not give. For example, he released Rs. 100 to Sister Nivedita for plague relief work, quite reluctantly, whereas he sent $480 dollars to Ms. Christina Greenstidel for coming to India in FIRST CLASS, giving her a choice "Do with the money just as it pleases you." He expected his disciples, and his brother-disciples to mobilise their own funds for charity work. He represented to foreign donors that everything was done by him while the disciples sweated. (This leadership style, Shri Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Aravind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee, and other Indian politicians are now imitating).

He spent the money, he earned through his lectures, as he liked. This you can observe from his letter to Ms. Ole.

Swamiji's conduct as paramahamsa (Great Swan) monk

Vivekananda called himself and his guru "paramahamsas (Great Swans)".

I invite you Shri Anonymousji to provide a list of attributes of a paramahamsa monk.

dhyAnam with turtles, shad fish and goats in stomach

When we see the photos of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda in postures of meditation, we get a great impression that they are flying in some ionosphere. With Swami Vivekananda's belly filled with chicken, shad fish and turtles, liquor, cigar smoke and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's belly filled with goat's meat, what type of 'dhyAna-sphere' they would have entered into?

Gayatri mantram says
ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः
तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं ।
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि
धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥
Om Bhuur-Bhuvah Svah
Tat-Savitur-Varennyam |
Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayaat ||

1: Om, that (Divine Illumination) which Pervades the Bhu Loka (Physical Plane), Bhuvar Loka (Antariksha Loka or the Astral Plane) and Suvar Loka (Swarga Loka or the Celestial Plane),
2: That Savitr (Divine Illumination) which is the Most Adorable,
3: On that Divine Radiance we Meditate,
4: May that Enlighten Our Intellect and Awaken our Spiritual Wisdom.

Engl. gist: kind courtesy
Where will the dheo (intellect) go, when the stomach faces turmoils caused by turtles, shad fish, cigar smoke and liquor. For this reason only, in Vivekananda's letters addressed to Ms. Christina Greenstidel, Mrs. Ole Bull, et al, throughout the period of his second visit to U.S., and till his death, contain numerous references to the state of his stomach.

Your comment: There was some confusion in the mind of Miss Muller that Swami Vivekananda was not following strict discipline of Vegetarianism and smoking Cigarette as a Hindu monk. Swami-ji pointed out that these are nothing to do with Monks,

It was not Miss Muller who was confused. Vivekananda did not meet her expectations. Even Vivekananda was not confused. He wanted to have both the worlds. The world of turtles, shad fish, chicken, cigar, liquors and the honors which the society extends to monks, without checking whether they are genuine or not.

Europeans can really NEVER know how genuine Hindu Monks are expected to live, because they are not familiar with India's ancient past. Wearing kAshAya robes, some peculiar turban, some waist belt was sufficient for them to believe that a person was a Hindu monk.

An English-knowing monk can easily score over English-not-knowing monks, because he can easily explain his unmonkly behavior. When Vivekananda tried to explain that vegetarianism, liquors and smoking were not taboo for Hindu monks, it suited the Europeans very much, because here was a Hindu monk who did not ask them to stop ham and binges of booze.

American women were not convinced with the explanations provided by Swami Vivekananda and they could not believe that monks could behave like ordinary individuals, and could suffer from diseases which commoners suffer. For this reason only, his second visit to U.S.A. was a failure. When Vivekananda wanted a fund for his personal maintenance to be raised by subscribing $100 each, very few people came forward and it did not materialise. Vivekananda returned to India, nearly empty handed.

mithyAhAra vihAra sEvana (Consumption of inappropriate foods and indulging in inappropriate movements)

Swami Vivekananda's problems were mainly caused by mithyahara vihara sevana.

Mithyahara Vihara Sevana leads to Agnimandya as well as Amotpatti. Ahara Rasa forms improperly. Leads to Rasa Kshaya. Causes Jatharagni, without matching digestive capabilities.

This is the reason for the premature demise of Swamiji at just 39. While lecturing on rAjayoga, and selling rAjayOga books, he promised that followers will live 150 years. He himself died at 39!! Why? Because, he did not follow his preachings.


Monasteries (of all religions, by whatever name they are called, else you will say that I find fault only with Hinduism. You will ask me to write about other religions. Once, I visited a Bishop's Bungalow. They were also sleeping on hamsa tUlikA talpams after filling bellies with what not.) have to stop this intermediation work. Stop Collecting donations from Real Estate Agents, industrialists etc. Stop collecting Government grants. Begging/demanding funds from gullible foreigners. There are no proper accounts of how much money is spent on granite marbles, a/c chambers and cars and how much is spent on poor orphans. No proper audits.

Poor people do not need charity. A fair share in the resources of the country and the society is people's natural right. No majority religion, no minority religion. No this caste, no that caste. Marxism can take care of everybody.

Till the society abolishes the occupation of 'monkhood', monks should work for their livelihood, like other householders. Didn't Kabir weave cloth on his loom, while singing his dOhe? Did n't Tukaram sing his abhangas while taking care of his jowar field? Did n't Telugu poet pOtana write mahAbhAgavatam, operating plough and stylus with equal ease? He ploughed fields to make his living. Mornings and evenings he used his stylus to write bhAgavatam on palm leaves, with no electricity or computers at that time!


Hinduism is a lifestyle of people living in India. It is not a religion. It does not require propagation and proseylitisation. What India needs is guarding itself against conversions indulged in by Non-Indian religions with funds from outside. Marxism will take care of this excess religious activity.

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274 Male bondages

274 Comparison of Swami Vivekananda- Christina Greenstidel -- and -- Shashi Tharoor- Sunanda Pushkar, Mehar Tarar
Topics for discussion: Relationships, human behavior


Suicide or suspicious death of Mrs. Sunanda Pushkar (w/o Mr. Shashi Tharoor), consequent to the wash of dirty linen on the Twitter.Com. Relationships of French President Mr. Francoise Hollande, first divorced wife Ms. Segolene Royal, present French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler, and a French beauty+actor Ms. Julie Gayet. Alleged involvement of two Retired Supreme Court Judges with lawyer interns while carrying out legal work. Alleged sexual misbehavior of Tehelka channel head Mr. Tarun Tejpal with a journalist in his organisatin.

Why should we compare the epistles exchanged between Swami Vivekananda and Ms. Christina Greenstidel, with the above 21st Century controversides?

Media published the journeys of French President visiting on scooter the dwelling of a French Actress. The French President Mr. Hollande wanted his privacy to be protected. The concerned actress sued the Media. Of course, the law will take its own course.

There were some Twitter exchanges between Ms. Sunanda Pushkar w/o Ms.Tharoor and Ms. Mehar Tarar, a Pak journalist. Mrs. & Mr. Tharoor issued a joint statement on 16.1.2014 that they wished to live happily. Ms. Sunanda Pushkar (Mrs. Tharoor), unfortunately underwent a suspicious death. Of course, the law will take its own course.

The cases of alleged sexual misbehavior of two Retired Supreme Court Judges with law interns, are also undergoing their legal due course.

The case of alleged misbehavior of Mr. Tarun Tejpal with his own subordinate is also undergoing its legal due course.

Let us hope that all these cases reach their natural logical conclusions and destinies.

Our concerns

We can see what bhagavadgita said, about the influence of behaviors of the leaders of the society on the behavior of masses. Chapter 3 , karma yOga, verse 21.
0321. Whatever elite and leaders in society do others will emulate. Whatever the elite take as standard, the world will copy. ——↠↠ yad yad Acharati SrEshThas tat tad dEvEtarO janah sa yat pramANam kurutE lOkas tad anuvartatE.

The path shown by our great leaders guide us. Here two questions arise:

Whether SrEShThas will be entitled to privacy

One probable reply for this can be: As long as SrEShThas do not preach, maintain a low key and confine themselves to their private lives, probably they will be entitled to their privacy rights. For example, Mr. Francoise Hollande didn't preach much (as per the appearances on the internet), except one aberration of trying to project himself as a family man. Occasion was when he allowed, publication of his family photographs with his first relation Ms. Royal & his four children through her. He might have wanted to demonstrate that as a socialist, not believing formal marital relations and without having undergone a formal wedding ceremony, he could lead a normal family life.

Should SrEShThas be denied their quota of fun?

In Commercial Law, we have a principle. Goods delivered should conform to the sample shown at the time of booking the order. We can add two more prinicples. 1. Core contents of a packet should conform to its external packaging. 2. Label and the intrinsic material of the object should not conflict. For example, Swami Vivekananda championed and canvassed need for celibacy. Here the label is a monk. Packing material is saffron dress. Samples shown are yogic postures and meditations. What should, then be the intrinsic material?

The number of letters and the frequency of the letters written by Swami Vivekananda to Ms. Christina Greenstidel, a German girl, outnumber letters written by Vivekananda to other foreign women like Mrs. Ole Bull (his principal patron in USA. Vivekananda called her Mother). Some fans of Swami Vivekananda believed that he had adopted Ms. Greenstidel, and hence she was his daughter. But none of the letters written by Vivekananda expressed this paternal love. On the other hand he exchanged a document (presumably with legal implications) with Ms. Greenstidel, He sent the document to her for her countersignature. The document which Vivekananda sent to Ms. Christina Greenstidel vide his letter dated 22nd March 1896 from Boston. While sending the document, Vivekananda asked her to sign as "Miss" since he erroneously wrote Miss. This document may be in the custody of auction houses which may be awaiting an opportune time to offer on the platform. The letter dated 22nd March 1896 available on the net has portions excised (censored). It is not clear why the contents of this letter were removed? Why were the contents hidden from the world? Why did Vivekananda pray Ms. Christina to send her photos so that he could know how much did she build? Why were the nerves of Vivekananda got overtaxed? Why did Vivekananda become outrageous? Why was the portion of 'ecstasy' in the following quote was censored?
I have also my theme, but I am not despondent. I am sure very soon to pan it out into a beautiful ecstasy [excision]. I am half crazy by nature; then my overtaxed nerves make me outrageous now and then. As a result I don't find anybody who would patiently bear with me!
Why did Vivekananda pray Ms. Christina to come, so that they could have a 'hot time in this old town'? What was this hot time? Why did Vivekananda waste his prayers for the arrival of a girl?
"... They all are expected here in November, and will have a "hot time in this old town" etc. I pray you can come, and the Mother will open the door for it. I cannot but say my prayers mostly have been heard, up to date."

Vivekananda seems to have thought of gifting some gold or precious stones to Ms. Christina Greenstidel.
"... What do you think will be very good for me on earth? Silver? Gold? Pooh! I have got something infinitely better; but a little gold will not be amiss to keep my jewel in proper surroundings, and it is coming, don't you think so? I am a man who frets much, but waits all the same; and the apple comes to my mouth by itself. So, it is coming, coming, coming. ... Now, how are you? Growing ever thinner, thinner, thinner, eh? Do have a very good appetite and good sleep in anticipation of the coming good time — to be in trim for welcoming its advent. ... "

Important Note: I believe that Ms. Christina Greenstidel was an innocent girl. After the demise of Vivekananda, she worked as a teacher in India for a few years, before going back to U.S.

Why do SrEshThas lose their balance of mind when they see women?

We have a proverb in my mother tongue in Telugu. 'andariki Sakunam ceppina balli kuditi toTTilo paDindi.' Its approximate gist in English: The lizard which predicted omens for all, fell in a water-trough for cattle-feeding. (When a lizard falls on different parts of human bodies, Indians believe that it brings them some luck/ill luck. For example when a lizard falls on the head of a person, he may have to face 'kalaham' or quarrels with somebody. The SrEshThAs cannot have the traits of lizards.

bhartrihari (or bhartruhari) in his subhAshita triSati

brahmAmDa mamDalI mAtram kim lobhAya manasvinaha;
SapharI sphuritE nAbdhEh (nAbdhihi) kshubdhO na khalu jAyatE.92.

If a female fish dances and leaps in an Ocean, the Ocean does not get tumultous. The mind of an ascetic in Union does not quiver even if the Universe were accrue to him.

18. ajAnan dAhAtmyA patatu Salabhas tIvra-dahanE
sa mInO api agnAnAd baDiSa-yutam aSnAtu piSitam |
vijAnantO api EtE vayam iha viyaj (vipaj) jAla-jaTilAn
na mumcAmaha kAmAn ahaha gahanO mOha-mahimA 18

Moths fall in fire, being unaware of the combustive nature of the fire. Fish attracted by the bait of food, fall in the net. On the other hand, we know pretty well that pleasures are accompanied by hardships and pains. Yet we are unable to abstain from them. It is difficult to gauge the depth and intensity of the temptation.
Why should minds of Presidents of countries, Union Ministers, Supreme Court Judges, top journalists of the country, become tumultous, when a woman laughs?

Great are the ways of ananga! (ananga = God of love i.e. manmadha). Manmadha became ananga (body-less), ( lost his body), when he was reduced into ashes by Lord Shiva, when Cupid directed his arrows of flowers to break the penance of Lord Shiva so that he could wed Goddess Parvati and produce an offspring capable of killing the demon tripurAsura.

Then, what solutions?

If SrEshThas can control their minds by proper analytical thinking about what is right or wrong, what is eternal and what is ephemeral, it will be the best thing.

Masturbation may be better

Else: for SrEshThas masturbation can be better than begging young women for sexual favors. Masturbation can be better than luring with money/jobs/positions/luxuries, or coercing women with physial/mental threats. The SreshThas can have a look at what bhartrihari said, why young damsels are not tempted persons.

Aged persons are like a rotten well, in surrounded by a slaughterhouse

varNam sitam Sirasi vIkshya SiroruhAn`Am;
sthAnA jarA paribhavasya tadA (jhaditi) pumAmsam (yadEva pumsAm);
AropitAsthi Satakam (Sakalam) parihritya yAnti;
camDAla kuupam iva duurataram tarn`yaha.74

The poet describes the behaviour of young women when they see a old man. When they see his white hair, his flesh maligned by old age, consider him, as useless and move away from him, just as people keep distance from a well, surrounded by bones near a slaughterhouse.

Will this preferability of masturbation, to begging/gifting/coercing women for sex, applies to wives also?

We can probably apply the principle. Occasional begging seems part of normal love life. Gifting gold, sarees etc. tantamounts to bribing. Yet, it takes place in many-a-human life. Coercing wife for sex, according to law in many countries, amounts to rape. Besides, sounds animalistic. Philosophers compare dweller of a human body to an equestrian, body itself being his horse. A skillful equestrian revels in keeping his horse well worked out, nourished and at the same time regulated and reigned. Occasionally, even the best of a horse can revolt and senses may disobey the dweller. Then, a dweller may have to satisfy his body and senses by masturbating. This may, sometimes, debase a person in his own eyes. Yet, it does not make him a slave of women. It does not make him a rapist.
(incomplete. to be continued. My motive for writing this blog post is to express my sadness. I hope I have not preached by quoting examples from bhartruhari.)

Monday, December 2, 2013

273 Should children also be intoxicated with ViveEkAnanda stuff?

discussion topics: childhood, films

Reports indicate that one Telugu language film is going to be released shortly covering biography and preachings of Swami Vivekananda.

According to film director Mr. Suresh Bujji,
"I remember watching the kids' version of 'Ramayana' many years ago. I liked how the makers treated the same story from the perspective of youngsters. By doing so, they managed to draw the attention of youngsters as well to watch and appreciate the film. I've done something similar with my film,"
"My film Prabhath, grandson of politician P. Janardhan Reddy, in the title of Vivekananda. The rest of the cast also features child actors with a little or no cinematic experience. This film will appeal to adults as well as kids,"
"It's very unlikely for biopics in India to make money. Even earlier films on Vivekananda have not been successful at the box office. I hope my film doesn't face the same fate as I have put in over a year of hard work in it,"
"Everybody at the censor loved the film. I had already screened it at the Ramakrishna Mission in Hyderabad and received an equally good response. All this has made me very confident about my film,"

ybrao a donkey's view

So, now 105 million Telugu people are going to be brainwashed with Vivekananda's preachings.

The producers and directors of the film, I would have liked, to read this blog and try to understand the deeper intricacies of Vivekananda's life instead of churning out routine hagiographies. I believe that the Swamis at Ramakrishna Mission who saw the film, might not have read the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, in depth.

Members of Indian Film Censor Board ought to spend some time on reading the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, or at least this blog, as hagiographies can cause incalculable harm to the psyche of readers and viewers.

Well, these are the ways of the world.

Friday, November 1, 2013

#272 Mr. Shashi Tharoor and Swami Vivekananda

Here is a link of Indian Express, Tiruvanantapuram Edition dated 14th September 2013, which contains a demand by a Senior BJP leader, asking for apology of Shashi Tharoor, for calling Swami Vivekananda.

Click to go to Indian Express in a new window.
A brief quote from IExpress:
“Shashi Tharoor has hurt the sentiments of the country. It was former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who declared Swami Vivekananda as a role model for the youth. Following this, Swamiji’s birthday, January 12, is being celebrated as the National Youth day. Now Tharoor has depicted him as an alcoholic. He should realise his fault and tender a sincere apology to the youth of the country,” Rajagopal said.

Comments by readers on that page show that they were also hurt.

I myself find it excruciating to continue writing this blog. Yet, there is no alternative for me, because if I leave it in the middle, at this crucial junction of 2014 elections, where at least one party is canvassing for votes with Vivekananda and Sardar Patel on their platform, and Rs. 2,500 crore planned for erecting a statue of Sardar Patel (this is not a blog about Sardar Patel), I shall be doing injustice to my duty to this Nation.

Prospective PM claimed that toilets are more important than temples. With the same analogy, we can say that toilets are more important than statues. Assuming that a rural toilet costs Rs.10,000 we can build 25,00,000 toilets with Rs. 2,500 crore.

Calculation: 10 toilets per lakh. 1000 toilets per crore. 2500 x 1000 toilets = 25,00,000 toilets.

At the rate of Rs. 20,000 per toilet, we can get 12.5 lakh toilets with Rs. 2,500 crore.

We can recall that MAyAvati too spent large amounts on erecting statues and memorials.

If Gujarat erects statue for Patel with Rs. 2,500 crore, Mamtaji will erect another statue for Netaji Bose with Rs. 5,000 crore. Then Congress will erect a new statue for Rajiv Gandhi with Rs.10,000 crore.

There will be no end for this craze.

Back to Vivekananda's relish for alcohol

Ms. Marie Louie Burke (Swami Abhayananda), one of the European disciples of Swami Vivekananda wrote his biography. It mentions an interview between Swami Vivekananda and Prof. Deussen, a reputed German scholar of Sanskrit. The interview took place during Swamiji's visit to Alps-Switzerland 1896. This conversation quoted by Ms. Burke, other disciple biographers of Swami Vivekananda ignored, probably because they were more devoted to their Gurus than Ms. Burke, or some other reason. Basically, biographies by disciples rarely criticise Gurus. I have reproduced the interview in my post No. 201 at this blog. Link to it: I shall quote the interview again here.
Prof. Deussen
"...“You seem to be a queer sort of saint....You eat well, you drink well, you smoke all day, and you deprive yourself of nothing.”


“I observe my vows.”

“And what consists of your vows?”

“They require me simply Kama Kanchana Viraha, to renounce sex and gold” (Burke IV: 283-288)."

ybrao a donkey's additional comments
Mr. Shashi Tharoor seems to have lost some of his credibility after IPL Cochi Cricket Team Fiasco, and his comments about "business class" and "cattle class". Now, even if he speaks truth with evidence, unfortunately, people may not believe him.

An issue arose about Vivekananda's ways during his stay at Michigan Governor's residence (Mrs. Bentley). Swamiji could not satisfactorily explain himself to Prof. Harrier. Thereafter, their correspondence seems to have closed. Swamiji blamed P.C. Mozoomdar (who seems to have helped Swamiji to get a speaking opportunity at Congress of Religions) quoting jealousy.

We must also take into consideration that Ms. Henrietta Muller, the principal donor to Belur Math site, had called the whole thing a fraud and shifted to Theosophy of Anne Besant.

The correspondence between Mr. Sturdy (renowned Sanskrit scholar of London who partnered with Vivekananda for publishing his books, raises some issues about Vivekananda's habits. Vivekananda blamed karma.

Vivekananda's second visit to US was a failure, because many aristocratic women who became Swamiji's disciples during his first visit, shied away from him.

Vivekanada made hectic efforts to mobilise subscription of USD 100 per head from American women did not succeed. Vivekananda blamed karma.

I must also be glad that nobody reads my blogs.

Monday, October 14, 2013

#271 More replies to comments of Shri Aseem Mishra

Mr. Aseem Mishra said as under October 11, 2013 at 1:03 PM.
Here again you do not contradict me at all. Your premise is , one who does that, eats that blah not a yogi!! How do you know?? Are you the one?? No so much hatred , spending so much time to criticise one without being sure if you are correct or not (going by logic I am "judging" you by your external moves)...if you are right then you are not a yogi and if you are nota yogi you may not be right!! Moreover You are lakeer ke fakeer...try hard to understand..I said vyadh gita also explains that. So to practise it one needs to be the author of vyadh gita?? If vivekannad was a nonsense so be it...why do you care? Bring out 100 morons and they will abuse most intelligent people on the planet..who cares? I am not inclined to convince you. But you remain stuck with your turtles fish etc and if you are lucky go and see some accomplished aughad eating raw meat and a poorna gyaani...he will give you chena ka rasgulla from mraw meat..then keep calculating if it is meat or chena. To criticisea person who is not here to defend is a work of cowardice. Arrange a public live debate with some of the accomplished saint of vivekannad ashram and if they care at all they will shove you to realise that you should be humanised and humanified first before taking others..Mr incorruptible fully accomplished superman.

My dear friend, you seem to have misunderstood me completely, probably because you have not read all the posts thoroughly or because your mind was already an ETCHED GLASS with some incorrigible-indelible concepts.

Indian Society, Hindu Society, world society, by and large are pluralist societies, which allow people to nurture their own beliefs, concepts and curiosities, delusions, ecstacies and exaltations, feelings, grandeurs, hallucinations, imageries, jovialities, kindnesses and knottinesses, loves-and-hates, madnesses and magnanimousnesses, and what not. There are no lower and upper limits for private pluralities. Civilities and laws may place certain limitations on individuals and institutions, when it comes to public pluralities. Freedom of expression of views is also a part of these permitted pluralities subject to some limits on concepts and manners like decency. What I have written here so far, and what I am going to write here in future will also be subject to the limitations placed by laws of this land.

You are free to point out whenever I cross these boundaries. Readers are there to take me to task.


Here again you do not contradict me at all. Your premise is , one who does that, eats that blah not a yogi!! How do you know?? Are you the one?? No so much hatred , spending so much time to criticise one without being sure if you are correct or not (going by logic I am "judging" you by your external moves).

First of all, my dear friend, your concept of a 'yOgi' and my concept of 'yOgi' differ. Yoga, in the sense of bhagavadgita refers to 'union of living soul of an individual with the Supreme Soul which exists within the individual as well as without (outside) the individual. Then SAnkhya yOga has its own problem of coordinating between the prakriti (Nature as reflected by this Universe) and purusha (Supreme Soul as creator of everything probably including Nature). That conundrum, many-a-great philosophers tried to solve in their own different ways. When we come to patanjali yoga, its ashTAnga mArga (eight-fold path) speaks of cittavritti nirOdhaha (control of the inclinations and deviations of one's own mind.

vivEkAnanda, during his travels in US, and during his lectures to aristocratic American men and women, apparently had tried to present advaita philosophy, rAja yOga etc., because he would have been branded as a heathen or a pagan, had he talked about more about bhakti. In the western eyes, the concept of Hindu bhakti, is pantheism and idol worship and that would have repelled them.

While doing all these preachings, on the dias, vivEkAnanda wore saffron robes. He presented himself as a Hindu monk.

In this context, we have to remember, that products have to conform to their labels, descriptions, and packaging. We cannot write "cow's milk" on the packet and keep "beef" in it, howsoever tasty beef may be. We cannot sell mangoes in the name of grapes.

Suppose, that vivEkAnanda was representing only himself and not representing any other concept like vEdAnta, advaita, etc. Suppose, vivEkAnanda did not wear saffron robes. Then, there would have been no question of problem of conforming to the tenents of Hindu monkhood or Hindu philosophies.

The label of a Hindu yOgi depicts him as a "jitEndriya (one who conquered his senses and sensual organs)". Bhagavadgita too supports it. These indriyas (senses) have both external manifestatiosn and internal manifestations. Eyes-vision, ears-hearings, nose-smelling, tongue-tasting, skin-feeling touch are external manifestations. These external manifestations carry sensations through various nerves to brain (our mind) and further processing takes place there. Brain and mind discern i.e. they try to distinguish between this sensation and that sensation, and thereafter, probably generate feelings of comfort, discomfort (sukh-duhkh), joy, sorrow (Anand-vishAd) so on. vivEkAnanda's mind too wandered around the distinction between the color of American turtles and Indian turtles. I shall quote from his Complete Works.

Excerpt from letter dt. 12th Dec. 1901 (six months before his death), to Ms. Christina Greenstidel ( Christine ), from Belur Math.

This is our best season for eating turtles, but they are all black. The green [ones] can only be found in America. Alas! I am prevented from the taste of meat. ... ".

According to bhagavadgita, a yOgI is to become a person of steady wisdom who lives free from bonds and bondages, joys and sorrows. In other words, a yOgi can never have the word 'Alas!' in his dictionary. There should be no distinction between the taste of black and green turtles. Then, there should be no question of sorry/worry of being prevented (by doctors) from the taste of meat.

My dear friend, it is not I, who is stuck with turtles. It was vivEkAnanda who was stuck with turtles till his death (the above letter to Ms. Christina Greenstidel was dated Dec. 1901. vivEkAnanda died in July 1902. If vivEkAnanda was freed from the bondage of turtles and shad fish between Dec. 1901 and July 1902, we can heartily welcome it.

Had vivEkAnanda canvassed his own vivEkAnanda-ism, without representing hindu advaita vEdAnta, there would have been no case to bother about.


...if you are lucky go and see some accomplished aughad eating raw meat and a poorna gyaani...he will give you chena ka rasgulla from mraw meat..then keep calculating if it is meat or chena. ...

Answer: I did not have the fortune of seeing an accomplished aughad eating raw meat and a poorNa gnAni (person with complete awareness). Nor could I see a yOgi who could convert raw meat into chenna (bengAlgram lentils) or rasgulla (bengali sweetmeat).


... To criticisea person who is not here to defend is a work of cowardice. Arrange a public live debate with some of the accomplished saint of vivekannad ashram and if they care at all they will shove you to realise that you should be humanised and humanified first before taking others. ...

We have 1.2 billion Indians who have been tutored about the great deeds of vivEkAnanda and some hundred thousands of them are ready to argue and fight on his behalf. Some of them, may even be ready, to lynch me or behead me. It is here, probably I alone or a few hundred others, who are on the dissenting side. Even CPM is crazy about vivEkAnanda. I am not writing this out of self-pity, but out of firm conviction, may be idiocy, that what I am writing is based on facts and do good to Indians specifically, and the world in general. About of 80% of Indians are Non-vegetarians. About 80% of Indians are alcoholics of different degrees. Many Indian traditions (all religions), like the Western traditions (of all religions) may think only of compassion to humans and not compassion to animals. Hunting for shad fish, turtles, beheading chicken and sheep may evoke responses only from their olfactory and taste buds and no responses from the part of their brains which generate humane reflections. Thus, the 20% which thinks of non-violence and abstinence may appear moron in the eyes of the remaining 80%. Well, this country is pluralist, and hence no grudge. We can coexist living in the same country and on the same earth.

About debating with accomplished saints of vivEkAnand ashram and getting SHOVED by them: I welcome such accomplished saints to express their views. I am not an accomplished person. I hope that I shall get accomplished, after getting contact with them. But, my dear friend, please keep in mind. The main monastery which succeeded swAmi vivEkananda, claimed in Supreme Court of India, that they were not Hindus, and that theirs was a minority Institution. They want minority rights. Supreme Court did not accept it and treated them as Hindus. The details (No. etc.) of this case, you can see at another post, at this blog, or you can google at the website of Supreme Court of India.

I have never, or probably very rarely criticised the activities/charities of vivEkAnanda Ashrams. This is because, as a Marxist, I believe that charity is not a real solution for the problems of poor. Unlimited inherited private property is the hindrance in emancipation of poor. Running orphanages with Govt. grants and public donations with remainders left after conducting publicity rallies from airconditioned granite-panelled monasteries, expensive vehicles, air-travels may probably serve as ointments and not as cure. I do not criticise them because, some service is better than no service. (To continue. I may modify what I have written here).

Friday, October 4, 2013

#270 Why distribute only complimentary books and posters?

One website gave great publicity with a large number of photos.
...In all around 1200 Lecturers and 2500 students participated in the programme series Viveka Samsmarana. Every student was given a complimentary book and a poster of Swami Vivekananda & every Lecturer was given with a set of books on value education and a poster of Swami Vivekananda....

Personal view of ybrao a donkey. Readers need not agree with me. Readers with delicate feelings which may be hurt, are requested not to read the following comments.
Why distribute only complementary books and posters?

Some special dishes cooked from shad fish and turtles can be served. Special lectures can be arranged on differences between American turtles and Indian turtles. American guests can be specially invited to share the dishes.

International Seminars and Conferences can be held for discussing differences between the tastes of American turtles and Indian turtles.

No need to say that large amounts might have been collected from either Governments or business houses for organising these jamborees. Probably national wastage. Probably, these unnecessary expenses may also contribute to price rises.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#269 Replies to comments of Shri Aseem Mishra

Aseem Mishra has left a new comment on your post "Do the questions of beef eating - drinking and smo...":

Please go and read and most importantly understand if you are not funded to do this...vyadh gita...which tells you as in all of vedanta and vedas that it is the inner motive or mental schemata(which you cant know of him or others)that brings spiritual growth and realisation and not external works...even vivekananda has explianed these things...and we have such ideals that Lord shiv remained absorbed in samadhi even when he was offered a prasad of bhaang(intoxicating substance) ashes from graves(highly ominous substance) and he could transform everything into powerful highlight is that negative is not suprem power in the universe but real knowledge...why are you guys obsessed in character assassination of any one who is not christian!!

Reply from ybrao a donkey (my personal views, which I cannot impose on my readers)
I respect your opinion. You can continue with them.

I add the following, from my side:-

We cannot compare vyAdha gIta with vivEkAnada gIta. Reason: vyAdha may be a sincere uneducated, untaught person. vivEkAnanda was a learned B.A. from Presidency College , Calcutta. He was said to have mastered Encyclopaedia Britannica. We cannot say that he did not read about buddha or know about jIva himsa. He was preaching all yOgas to the whole world and collecting pounds and dollars. He was telling them about housewives dropping into his palms, STALE hardened CAPATIS, when he went for bhiksha. They might have shed some tears and wept, when they were told that Indian housewives were so unkind to drop stale chapatis into the folded palms of a yogi. He was also telling his California audience, that he would return to the old days of living on begging and alms.

So, after returning to India, what was the hurry to fill up the belly with shad fish and turtles? What was the hurry to invite American women to share them? Particularly when he was suffering from diabetes and a dozen other diseases and swallowing medicines?

Your comment about Lord Shiva converting bhang into prasAd:--

Lord Shiva does not fill his belly with shad fish and turtles, before sitting on meditation. This, we can be 100% sure. Nobody knows what he eats, before sitting on meditation. If somebody kept bhang before his closed eyes, had he opened his third eye, the offerers would have been reduced to ashes then and there itself. What happened to manmatha (God of love)? I have great respect to Lord Shiva as a conquerer of manmatha, though I am an atheist. As an atheist, I can never get admission to kailAs, Shiva's abode. My wife recently (2013 September) visited kASi (vAraNasi) and got her entitlement to kailAsh, by virtue of the pilgrimage. She may be able to know what Shiva eats, if she gets admitted to kailAs citizenship after her death. I visited kAsi in 1982 with my parents. If that entitles me to get admitted to Shiva's court, it will help me to work in his court and also serve him during his 'tapasya'.

Back to vivEkAnada getting stale capAtis from Indian housewives, and his abandoning them to go for shad fish and turtles:-

What inner motive or mental schemata should a yati/yOgi have in overfilling belly with shad fish and Indian turtles? Is eating shad fish, chicken and turtles compulsory for union of jIvAtma (living soul) with paramAtma (Supreme soul)? Suppose we fill our stomach with popped rice won't we get nirvikalpa samAdhi?

About character-assassination of non-Christians:

We have in India today, pseudo-secularism (term popularised by Shri aDvANi) and pseudo-hindutva. Just as the secularism of Congress is nakli, the hindutva of BJP is also nakli.

It is obvious that you have neither read in depth the Complete Works of SwAmi vivEkAnanda. Nor at least all the posts at this blog.

vivEkAnanda called Adi Sankaracharya and rAmAnujAcArya, mere pandits. I shall quote:
... Ramanuja, Shankara etc., seem to have been mere Pundits with much narrowness of heart. Where is that love, that weeping heart at the sorrow of others? — Dry pedantry of the Pundit — and the feeling of only oneself getting to salvation hurry-scurry! But is that going to be possible, sir? Was it ever likely or will it ever be so? Can anything be attained with any shred of "I" left anyhow? ...

You say that we guys are obsessed in character assassination of non-Christians. Did vivEkAnanda have any elemental courtesy to rAmAnuja and Adi Shankara? Didn't he know the story of kanaka dhArA stavam? Why vivEkAnanda didn't know social reforms carried out by rAmAnuja facing much hardships? Didn't vivEkAnanda pass very unkind remarks on Shankara and rAmAnuja, simply because he wept and they did not weep?

OK, vivEkAnanda had a weeping heart for others. But what did he do? Started one or two orphanages and one or two schools. Work was done by nivEdita and other disciples. vivEkAnanda grudgingly gave a small part of his foreign donations for relief work, while he was collecting large donations from foreigners sending them tiger skins. He spent most of collections as he liked. Seeing him pay Rs. 80/- per month rent for a bungalow at Almorah, and bargaining to buy a bungalow, the prinipal donor for the bElur math Ms. Henrietta Mueller called everything "utterly rotten and corrupt from beginning to end and full of danger to the unhappy people who place their full faith in it" and moved to Theosophy of Anne Besant.

Our hero-worship of a weight-lifter of a Nation of 1.2 billion, should not make us blind to facts. Then, we cannot spend millions of Rupees for celebrating 150th Anniversary on an ochre-robe wearer who begged for dollars from aristocratic American women.

This blog has nothing to do with Christianity. I oppose conversions of innocent persons into Christianity or some other religion. I suggest that an authority of not less than a District Collector should conduct a written tst and interview if anybody wants to convert.

There is also a need to make adequate laws for protecting human rights which are being infringed by all religions, including Hinduism, Christianity, Islam.

You seem to believe that "external discipline" is not as important as "internal discipline". Both are equally important. Otherwise, how will you get spiritual growth by filling your belly with chicken, shad fish, and turtles? In your dreams American turtles and Indian turtles fight.

Please quote proof for Shiva being offered to bhang.

#268 Dividing line among personal morals- social morals- imposed morals -codes of conduct

A sincere internet-writer wrote.
... Now at the outset, let me be clear. I am not against satisfying senses. I am not any of those sorts of ‘pious’ souls who advise people about morality. In fact, morality is a dirty word for me. Morality is always ARTIFICIALLY imposed. ...

swAmi vivEkAnanda wrote to his Alambazar Math.

To Members of the Alambazar Math

High View, Caversham,


27th April, 1896

{original in Bengali}

Dear {members of the Alambazar Math},

. . . Let me write something for you all. It is not for gaining personal authority that I do this, but for your good and for fulfilling the purpose for which the Lord came. He gave me the charge of you all, and you shall contribute to the great well?being of the world though most of you are not yet aware of it this is the special reason of my writing to you. It will be a great pity if any feeling of jealousy or egotism gain ground amongst you. Is it possible for those to establish cordial relations on earth who cannot cordially live with one another for any length of time? No doubt it is an evil to be bound by laws, but it is necessary at the immature stage to be guided by rules; in other words, as the Master used to say that the sapling must be hedged round, and so on. Secondly, it is quite natural for idle minds to indulge in gossip, and faction?mongering, and so forth. Hence I jot down the following hints. If you follow them, you will undoubtedly prosper, but if you don't do so, then there is a danger of all our labours coming to naught.

First let me write about the management of the Math:

1. For the purposes of the Math please hire a commodious house or garden, where everyone may have a small room to himself. There must be a spacious hall where the books may be kept, and a smaller room for meeting the visitors. If possible, there should be another big hall in the house where study of the scriptures and religious discourses will be held every day for the public.

2. Anyone wishing to visit anybody in the Math should see him only and depart, without troubling others.

3. By turns someone should be present in the hall for a few hours every day for the public, so that they may get satisfactory replies to what they come to ask.

4. Everyone must keep to his room and except on special business must not go to others' rooms. Anyone who wishes may go to the Library and read, but it should be strictly forbidden to smoke there or talk with others. The reading should be silent.

5. It shall be wholly forbidden to huddle together in a room and chat the whole day away, with any number of outsiders coming and joining in the hubbub.

6. Only those that are seekers after religion may come and peacefully wait in the Visitors' Hall and when they have seen the particular persons they want, they should depart. Or, if they have any general question to ask, they should refer to the person in charge of that function for the day and leave.

7. Tale?bearing, caballing, or reporting scandals about others should be altogether eschewed.

8. A small room should serve as the office. The Secretary should live in that room, which should contain paper, ink, and other materials for letter?writing. He should keep an account of the income and expenditure. All correspondence should come to him, and he should deliver all letters unopened to their addressees. Books and pamphlets should be sent to the Library.

9. There will be a small room for smoking, which should not be indulged in outside this room.

10. He who wants to indulge in invectives or show temper must do so outside the boundaries of the Math. This should not be deviated from even by an inch.


1. Every year a President should be elected by a majority of votes. The next year, another, and so on.

2. For this year make Brahmananda the President and likewise make another the Secretary, and elect a third man for superintending the worship etc., as well as the arrangement of food.

3. The Secretary shall have another function, viz to keep watch over the general health. Regarding this I have three instructions to give:

(i) In every room for each man there shall be a Nair charpoy, mattress, etc. Everyone must keep his room clean.

(ii) All arrangements must be made to provide clear and pure water for drinking and cooking purposes, for it is a deadly sin to cook sacramental food in impure or unclean water.

(iii) Give everyone two ochre cloaks of the type that you have made for Saradananda, and see that clothing is kept clean.

4. Anyone wishing to be a Sannyasin should be admitted as a Brahmacharin first. He should live one year at the Math and one year outside, after which he may be initiated into Sannyasa.

5. Make over charge of the worship to one of these Brahmacharins, and change them now and then.


There shall be the following departments in the Math:

I. Study . II. Propaganda . III. Religious Practice .

I.Study The object of this department is to provide books and teachers for those who want to study. Every morning and evening the teachers should be ready for them.

II. Propaganda Within the Math, and abroad. The preachers in the Math should teach the inquirers by reading out scriptures to them and by means of question?classes. The preachers abroad will preach from village to village and try to start Maths like the above in different places.

III. Religious Practice This department will try to provide those who want to practise with the requisites for this. But it should not be allowed that because one has taken to religious practice he will prevent others from study or preaching. Any one infringing this rule shall be immediately asked to clear out, and this is imperative.

The preachers at home should give lessons on devotion, knowledge, Yoga, and work by turns; for this, the days and hours should be fixed, and the routine hung up at the door of the class?room. That is to say, a seeker after devotion may not present himself on the day fixed for knowledge and feel wounded thereby; and so on.

None of you are fit for the Vamachara form of practice. Therefore this should on no account be practised at the Math. Anyone demurring to this must step out of this Order. This form of practice must never even be mentioned in the Math. Ruin shall seize the wicked man, both here and hereafter, who would introduce vile Vamachara into His fold!


1. If any woman comes to have a talk with a Sannyasin, she should do it in the Visitors' Hall. No woman shall be allowed to enter any other room except the Worship?room.

2. No Sannyasin shall be allowed to reside in the Women's Math. Anyone refusing to obey this rule shall be expelled from the Math. "Better an empty fold than a wicked herd."

3. Men of evil character shall be rigorously kept out. On no pretence shall their shadow even cross the threshold of my room. If anyone amongst you become wicked, turn him out at once, whoever he be. We want no black sheep. The Lord will bring lots of good people.

4. Any woman can come to the class?room (or preaching hall) during class time or preaching hour, but must leave the place directly when that period is over.

5. Never show temper, or harbour jealousy, or backbite another in secret. It would be the height of cruelty and hard?heartedness to take note of others' shortcoming instead of rectifying one's own.

6. There should be fixed hours of meals. Everyone must have a seat and a low dining table. He will sit on the former and put his plate on the latter, as is the custom in Rajputana.


All the office?bearers you should elect by ballot, as was the mandate of Lord Buddha. That is to say, one should propose that such and such should be the President this year; and all should write on bits of paper 'yes' or 'no' and put them in a pitcher. If the 'yes' have a majority, he should be elected President, and so on. Though you should elect office?bearers in this way, yet I suggest that this year Brahmananda should be President, Nirmalananda, Secretary and Treasurer, Sadananda Librarian, and Ramakrishnananda, Abhedananda, Turiyananda, and Trigunatitananda should take charge of the teaching and preaching work by turns, and so on.

It is no doubt a good idea that Trigunatita has of starting a magazine. But I shall consent to it if only you can work jointly.

About doctrines and so forth I have to say only this, that if anyone accepts Paramahamsa Deva as Avatara etc., it is all right; if he doesn't do so, it is just the same. The truth about it is that in point of character, Paramahamsa Deva beats all previous records; and as regards teaching, he was more liberal, more original, and more progressive than all his predecessors. In other words, the older Teachers were rather one?sided, while the teaching of this new Incarnation or Teacher is that the best point of Yoga, devotion, knowledge, and work must be combined now so as to form a new society. . . . The older ones were no doubt good, but this is the new religion of this age the synthesis of Yoga, knowledge, devotion, and work the propagation of knowledge and devotion to all, down to the very lowest, without distinction of age or sex. The previous Incarnations were all right, but they have been synthesised in the person of Ramakrishna. For the ordinary man and the beginner, steady devotion (Nishtha) to an ideal is of paramount importance. That is to say, teach them that all great Personalities should be duly honoured, but homage should be paid now to Ramakrishna. There can be no vigour without steady devotion. Without it one cannot preach with the intensity of a Mahavira (Hanuman). Besides, the previous ones have become rather old. Now we have a new India, with its new God, new religion, and new Vedas. When, O Lord, shall our land be free from this eternal dwelling upon the past? Well, a little bigotry also is a necessity. But we must harbour no antagonistic feelings towards others.

If you consider it wise to be guided by my ideas and if you follow these rules, then I shall supply on all necessary funds. . . . Moreover, please show this letter to Gour?Ma, Yogin?Ma, and others, and through them establish a Women's Math. Let Gour?Ma be the President there for one year, and so on. But none of you shall be allowed to visit the place. They will manage their own affairs. They will not have to work at your dictation. I shall supply all necessary expenses for that work also.

May the Lord guide you in the right direction! Two persons went to see the Lord Jagannatha. One of them beheld the Deity while the other saw some trash that was haunting his mind! My friends, many have no doubt served the Master, but whenever anyone would be disposed to consider himself an extraordinary personage, he should think that although he was associated with Shri Ramakrishna, he has seen only the trash that was uppermost in his mind! Were it not so, he would manifest the results. The Master himself used to quote, "They would sing and dance in the name of the Lord but come to grief in the end." The root of that degeneration is egotism to think that one is just as great as any other, indeed! "He used to love me too!" one would plead. Alas, Nick Bottom, would you then be thus translated? Would such a man envy or quarrel with another and degrade himself? Bear in mind that through His grace lots of men will be turned out with the nobility of gods ay, wherever His mercy would drop! . . . Obedience is the first duty. Well, just do with alacrity what I ask you to. Let me see how you carry out these few small things. Then gradually great things will come to pass.



PS. Please read the contents of this letter to all, and let me know whether you consider the suggestions worth carrying out. Please tell Brahmananda that he who is the servant of all is their true master. He never becomes a leader in whose love there is a consideration of high or low. He whose love knows no end, and never stops to consider high or low, has the whole world lying at his feet.


ybrao a donkey's personal views
1. It will be futile to repeatedly write that vivEkAnanda made rules for others, but never followed for himself.

2. Dividing line among self-imposed morals/rules, society imposed morals/rules, law-imposed rules, is very thin.

One real life example will probably clarify.

In our neighborhood, this incident took place during this week (last week of Sept. 2013). A 17 year old girl was studying intermediate. Two neighboring school-dropout-youth entered her house, bolted it from inside, attempted to rape her, in broad day-light. Hearing her appeals for help, neighbors assembled, and the culprits fled. Her father who works as a cooly, after returning from his work, coming to know about the incident, went to the boys' house and tried to talk to their parents. The parents of the culprit boys not only supported their children, but also assaulted the father of the girl.

Father, lacking courage to report to police, went out to his work next day as usual. The girl, unable to bear the insult, ignited herself with kerosene and commited suicide. Of course, police visited the hospital, took her statement, and made some arrests. They seem to be applying NIRBHAYA Act, specially enacted by Govt. of India after the Delhi rape.

Leaving aside the legal angle, what morals the parents of the culprit youths follow? Do they follow any self-imposed moral codes? Caste codes? Religious codes? Traditional moral codes?

To continue, and modify, if necessary.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

#267 Here Princes draw my carriage

Swami vivEkAnanda wrote to Ms. Ole Bull, from Darjeeling on 5th May 1897.

"... I was one man in America and another here. Here the whole nation is looking upon me as their authority — there I was a much reviled preacher. Here Princes draw my carriage, there I would not be admitted to a decent hotel. "

ybrao a donkey, this blogger's views

"Here the whole nation is looking upon me as their authority". "Here Princes draw my carriage". Some foolish rulers like rAmnAd, khEtri, might have drawn his carriage. Ruler of khEtri believed that he begot a male child, with the blessings of swAmIji. Whole Nation looking upon him as their authority-- an abstract untenable intangible boast which was necessary to show-on and show-off to foreign aristocratic disciples.

"...there I would not be admitted to a decent hotel. ..." SwAmiji insisted that his American disciples and hosts lodge him in decent big hotels. He did not like small hotels of his favorite yankee land.

During the same period, there were heated exchanges between SV-RK cult and Theosophical Cult of Anne Besant-Walcat.

From the same letter cited above.

"...The only respect the Buddhists pay to their great tenet of non-killing is by opening "butcher-stalls" in every place! And the priests encourage this. The real Buddhism, I once thought, would yet do much good. But I have given up the idea entirely, and I clearly see the reason why Buddhism was driven out of India, and we will only be too glad if the Ceylonese carry off the remnant of this religion with its hideous idols and licentious rites. .."

If buddhists start and run "butcher-stalls", vivEkAnanda, would have been an ideal customer, as he had to eat meat only and take no water, to cure himself of diabetes. Of course, there will be shad fish and turtles.

Quote from the same letter (ibid).

... The Theosophists tried to fawn upon and flatter me as I am the authority now in India, and therefore it was necessary for me to stop my work giving any sanction to their humbugs , by a few bold, decisive words; and the thing is done. I am very glad. If my health had permitted, I would have cleared India by this time of these upstart humbugs, at least tried my best. . . . Let me tell you that India is already Ramakrishna's and for a purified Hinduism I have organised my work here a bit....


ybrao a donkey, this blogger's views

So theosophists are humbugs and RKs are purified Hindu souls. But by 1899, his principal donor for the bElur monastery land Ms. Henrietta Muller realised that something was some jiggery-pokery and shifted to theosophy of Anne Besant.

What was humbug and what was not humbug? Who is to decide?

#266 Eat meat- take no water-and live long

SwAmi vivEkAnanda wrote to Ms. Ole Bull (normall swamiji calls her Mother. But here, somehow, he addressed her Dear Mrs. Bull).


26th March 1897


The demonstrations and national jubilations over me are over — at least I had to cut them short, as my health broke completely down. The result of this steady work in the West and the tremendous work of a month in India upon the Bengalee constitution is "diabetes". It is a hereditary foe and is destined to carry me off, at best, in a few years' time. Eating only meat and drinking no water seems to be the only way to prolong life — and, above all, perfect rest for the brain. I am giving my brain the needed rest in Darjeeling, from where I am writing you now.

ybrao a donkey ie. this blogger's views

1. India has about 100 million diabetic patients as at 2013. They should also, now, follow vivEkAnanda's advice: Start eating meat. Take no water. Give perfect rest to brain. Swamiji was very fond of chicken (See his biography by Madam Calve). But, there seems to be a taboo on breeding poultry in Bengal of those days. Hence, SwAmIji seems to have fallen on turtles, shad fish and meat. But, he did not stop taking chicken whenever an opportunity arose.

2013 September 1: Today, walking on Guntur streets, I found one publicity tricycle-rickshaw announcing on mike that for every kilogram of chicken bought, 4 eggs would be given free.

As has been pointed out at this blog, swAmiji was very fond of 'cool' stations. He returned from 'cool' America to hot Calcutta in Jan. 1897. By March 1897, he was writing from Darjeeling, a Himalayan summer resort.

By May 1897, swAmIji shifted to Almora, another cool Center.


I have been to Darjeeling for a month to recuperate my shattered health. I am very much better now. The disease disappeared altogether in Darjeeling. I am going tomorrow to Almora, another hill station, to perfect this improvement.

Things are looking not very hopeful here as I have already written you — though the whole nation has risen as one man to honour me and people went almost mad over me! The practical part cannot be had in India. Again, the price of the land has gone up very much near Calcutta. My idea at present is to start three centres at three capitals. These would be my normal schools, from thence I want to invade India.

In 1994, this blogger visited bElUr Monastery , Kolkata. Found some airconditioners fitted to the windows of the building. When I was going to see them, one monk forcibly stopped me inquiring, "what for was I going to that side?". I replied that I wanted to inquire from the administrators of the monastery whether monks who were supposed to be indifferent to vagaries of weather-heat-and-cold (SitOshNa sukha-duHkhams), needed air-conditioners for meditation? I was about to be beaten. Tourists rescued me, by taking me away from the building.

I personally feel that giving perfect rest may not be a good solution for diabetes. I read in one medical book, that brain cells when put to work, draw direct sugars from blood, unlike muscles which draw their sugar from sugars converted from starches. Hence, working with brain seems to be as important as working with muscles (physical exercise).

#265 Anna Hazare and Vivekananda- what is common?

Photo courtesy Dr. Date of the journey is 29th March 2013, as per the tweet of Dr. ManIshkumAr. mAnanIya Shri Anna Hazare was on his way to Amritsar. Dr. ManIshkumAr tweeted, quote:

"Anna Hazare on his way to Amritsar. Next stop Ambala @ 8:30"


What is common between mAnanIya Shri AnnA HazAre and Swami vivEkAnanda?

Ans: Both travel in upper-classes in trains.

Evidence for SwAmi vivEkananda's travel in upper class:

An interesting conversation with a devotee was recorded by Swami Gambhirananda.


At Delhi, Swamiji asked for a second class rail ticket (in those days second from top class), for his health did not permit travelling in inter class. The devotee Shri Natakrishna asked Swamiji: "Guruji, are you going comfort-seeking?"

Reference: Swami Gambhirananda, Yuganayaka Vivekananda (Bengali), Vol III, Udbodhan, Kolkata, 2004, 52-53

ybrao donkey's views

1. During 1890-91 Swamiji was in youth. His health seems to have suffered after returning from USA. 2. If his health did not permit him travelling in inter class in 1890 itself (28 years age), what was the use of his practising rAjayOga which he said, would enable humans to live 150 years?

3. We should be grateful to Shri Anna Hazare for not using special planes/helicopters in his fight to drive out corruption. Yet, I feel, that he should have travelled Sleeper Class or probably AC Second Class. Then, we have to take his age into consideration. Hence, I shall resist from making further observations, but there is an allegation that he allowed Rs. 220,000/- to be spent on his birthday celebrations. You can read it from the under-noted link:

click to open a new tab for

4. Swami vivEkAnanda was also very fond of celebrations and receptions. In fact, for his Calcutta reception of 1897, even tickets were sold. (To continue with more info. To revise if necessary.)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

#264 Prabhudasa- rAmakrishNa and vivEkAnanda

A.C. bhakti vEdAnta swAmi, popularly known as prabhupAda (founder of harEkrishNa movement and ISKCON) wrote to Shri satsvarUpa, from Los Angeles, California, on the 25th February 1968. Here is a quote:

"...You may know also that Ramakrishna's worship of Kali makes him a third class man. In the Bhagavad-gita it is stated that one who worships the demigods just like Brahma, Siva, Indra, Candra or demigoddesses like Kali, Durga, Sarasvati, etc., are described as persons who have lost their intelligence. One person who has lost his intelligence, how he can become an incarnation of God?

A person who has lost his intelligence, is not even counted amongst the higher section of society. So, the Ramakrishna is a bogus man according to the statement of Bhagavad-gita. Vivekananda was also not even intelligent man because he accepted Ramakrsna as incarnation of God. This Ramakrsna, who is actually Gadadhara Chatterjee, declared himself as the same Rama and Krsna.

If he is accepted as such by some person, is he very intelligent man? Suppose a man comes before somebody and says he is Pres. Johnson. and the foolish man accepts the pretender as Pres. Johnson, is that man to be accepted as very intelligent man? Vivekananda was not even an intelligent man because he accepted Gadhadhara Chatterjee as incarnation of God without any credentials.

We accept Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead on the evidence of Vedic literature. There is no evidence in the Vedic literatures that a common unintelligent person by worshipping a demigoddess Kali can become an incarnation of Godhead. The goddess Kali is divine mother for the conditioned souls, not for the liberated souls.

There is no direction in the Vedic literatures that one can become liberated even by worshipping the goddess Kali. She is superintendent of the prison house known as material world. One can derive some material facilities by worshipping Kali or Durga, but nobody can become liberated by worshipping such demigoddesses, so what to speak of becoming incarnation of Godhead.

So the propaganda that Ramakrsna became incarnation of God by worshipping Kali is not accepted by any authorized acharya and therefore it is a bogus propaganda. One who follows therefore, such bogus propaganda is also misled as far as his spiritual advancement is concerned. ..."

ybrao a donkey's notes as blogger

1. What is the definition of a demi-God?

2. vEdas place indra at a higher plane, than vishNu. Since Shri bhakti vEdAnta swAmi claimed that they depend on vEdas, he ought to have worshipped indra as the supreme God, instead of viShNu, who has little role in rigvEda.

3. How can kALi be a demiGoddess? Who is to define?

4. Can Shri bhakti vEdAnta swAmi (prabhupAda) was just a human like vivEkananda. How can he declare that vivEkAnanda was not an intelligent man? Was Shri ACB condescending to pass a value judgement on swAmi vivEkAnanda?

Another quote of Shri prabhudAsa's conversation, we can find:

Prabhupada: Ramakrishna Mission is not Vedic. It is a creation of Vivekananda's concoction. It is not Vedic. Just like they created a God, Ramakrishna. So that is not a Vedic sanction, that you create any fool rascal, a god.

Guest (1): Isn't yours a product of or derivative of Vedic?

Prabhupada: Yes, completely.

Guest (1): So how would you...

Prabhupada: Just like whatever question you are asking, we are answering from Vedic literature. We are not answering ourself. That is the difference. The evidence is from the Vedic literature. I don't say that "In my opinion it is like this." We don't say.

ybrao a donkey's notes as blogger

1. vEdic literature has its own short-comings.

2. It is very important to recognise that founder of cults and propagandaists of cults can blow and blow down Gods and Goddesses.

3. Though vivEkAnanda started with a philosophical promise (advaita vEdAnta or monistic philosophy), his whole mission revolved around building a structure for worshipping the mortal remains of rAmakrishNa. vivEkAnanda ended up sacrificing goat and lighting fireworks in durga pUja. That was a travesty (and also a tragedy) from philosophy to idol worship, during an endless strife to mobilise dollars for alleged-charity and personal expenditure.

4. Iskcon is vigorously engaged in spreading idol worship, collecting lands from Government. RK Missions also do the samething, only difference being replacement of SrikrishNa's idols with photo-frames of rAmakrishna and vivEkananda. Singing of devotional music is common for both. While Iskcon lays emphasis on vegetarianism, RK Missions seem to maintain a low profile about veg.

5. Philosophy seems to have been driven to back-benches, because analysing philosophy and practising philosophical tenets are difficult jobs of labor. Idol-worship is easy.

6. Both Iskcon and RK publish glossy books. But Iskcon seems to score a point higher in using latest machinery and color photos. Iskcon book prices seem to be higher than RK book prices. Decoration of temples and illuminating them with electric lights, Iskcon seems to dominate.

7. Whenever I visit bookshops, I undertake one activity, I do not know its utility. Compare the number of books displayed for Hinduism , Christianity, Islam, for different sects/cults of each religion . Book sellers tell me that there is great demand for religions of all cults, sects and brands, not only from aged-retired persons, but also from youth. Some say, that they are surviving on the sale of print versions of religious books, in these days tv/internet domination. They also say that they are surviving because Governments do not levy VAT book sellers.

8. I try to elicit from them whether they stock some secular books, at least as exhibits or samples. Nay, nay, nay. Here, this nay refers to books other than school-college-university text books, coffee-table books, marketing business stuff and other similar genre.

9. In many towns and cities, there seem to be separate book shops for selling books of different religions. In other-words dedicated bookshops catering to x religion or y religion. Thus the followers/readers of x religion or cult/sect will not be able to know what is happening in other religions and cults/sects.

10. One bookseller has told me that though he wants to maintain the books of all the three major religions/cults/sects, he is unable to implement it owing to paucity of Capital, pointing his fingers to the empty shelfs.

11. Thus the chasms among cults/sects/religions widen.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#263 What is common between rAm gOpAl varma and swAmi vivEkAnanda?

rAmgOpal varma Shri rAm gOpAl varma is a noted bollywood producer, director. Also a columnist of Deccan Chronicle newspaper published from Hyderabad.

Reference: his column 'SHOOTING STRAIGHT' in the Tabloid Edition. Date: 18th August 2013.

This column is a set of questions and answers.

We shall take up one q&a which is pertinent to vivEkAnanda and USA.

Reader's question: Do you think that American people are more intelligent than us?

Answer of Shri Varma: Intelligence comes from people and not from countries. What countries do is to provide a system and a platform where intelligence can flourish. That is what America does. It was formed barely 200 years ago without any so called rich heritage, tradition, and culture and it surpassed all of us who have several thousand years of history. Great men are born all over the world but they eventually land up in America. Whether or not people admit it , fact remains that America is the greatest that is known to us. And the proof lies in the long lines outside the US embassy to get a visa.

We shall now compare this to what viVekAnanda wrote:
In May 1896 Swami Vivekananda wrote to Ms. Alberta Sturges (age 19) that he liked Amerique - the yankee land. He called India a jelly fish.

" ... I have had two classes already — they will go on for four or five months and after that to India I go. But it is to Amerique — there where the heart is. I love the Yankee land. I like to see new things. I do not care a fig to loaf about old ruins and mope a life out about old histories and keep sighing about the ancients. I have too much vigour in my blood for that. In America is the place, the people, the opportunity for everything. I have become horribly radical. I am just going to India to see what I can do in that awful mass of conservative jelly-fish, ... "

We shall, now, see what Indra Nooyi (present CEO of Pepsico) said about the Amerique:
“Where I am has a lot to do with the United States. I think the United States represents the greatest meritocracy in the world,”

ybrao a donkey's views

For rAm gOpAl varma, America is the Greatest. vivEkAnanda had his heart in Amerique. For Indra Nooyi it is the greatest meritocracy. Naturally because she gets about $12.6 millions pay from PepsiCo.

vivEkAnanda reversed his opinion later. Shri Varma and Ms. Indra Nooyi are entitled to their own opinion. Not only do they have a right to stick on to their opinions, but also to change them depending on exigencies. We should wait and see.

ybdonkey: Every Nation does have its own strengths and weaknesses, greatnesses and pitfalls. By comparing, we contribute nothing, except some love and hate, probably some heated discussion. For example, I found some Americans criticise that Indians are aboriginal or abominable because, they found just one temple in rAjasthAn, where mice are fed with milk and worshipped. How this is going to decide characteristic trait of a whole Nation? In America and Europe we find people who maintain spiders as pets. Well it is the whims of individual members of a Nation. 59% of Americans, according to some studies, indulge in regular oral sex, which ought have been partly shunned at least from the point of view of hygiene. Still, we cannot attribute the 59% characterstic to a whole Nation.

ybdonkey: I wish to make it clean, once again, that this is not a hate-America blog or hate vivEkAnanda blog.

Thousands of rAmakrishna-vivEkAnanda missionaries are visiting Indian villages distributing free photoframes of vivEkAnanda, for adorning Indian homes. The distributors apparently want whole generations of Indians to be nurtured with ambitions of imitating swAmi vivEkAnanda, while growing up.

The problem with worshipping photos, without going into indepth of a person's qualities and practices, is it breeds blind faith, and some times even blind hatred.