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019, Natural food, grass, is so abundant and your Highness' servants are fools

Swami Vivekananda wants Indians to eat bellyfulls of grass, instead of undergoing all the troubles of serving others !!! Swami Vivekananda wrote to the Ruler of Khetri on May 22, 1893:

"...If our digestive apparatus is exactly like that of a cow — we ought and must be able to eat and digest grass. In that case poor Indians are fools to die of starvation in famine times while their natural food, grass, is so abundant, and your Highness' servants are fools to serve you while they have only to get up the nearest hillock and get a bellyful of grass instead of undergoing all the trouble of serving others!!! Grand American discovery indeed!!! Only I hope the holy dungs of such human cows may become of great use to the wonderful American author and his Indian disciple. Amen. So much for the cow-human theory. ..."

This writer's comment: Vivekananda wants us to eat grass, whereas we eat rice and wheat which are nothing but different forms of grass seeds. Are we not surviving healthily with some minor ailments whereas Vivekananda concluded that he should eat nothing but meat and not drink water for combating his illnesses?

In Telugu language, there is a folk tale of real life:

A king, while hunting in a forest, lost his way, got tired and hungry. He found a hut nearby in which a very old woman was living. Unfortunately, the old woman could not find any vegetables / poultry / fish / mutton in hand to serve tasty food to the king. She picked up some young blades of grass, pounded them into a good chutney and served to the king. The hungry king ate it well, without knowing that it was grass. Later he inquired from the old woman, what the chutney was made of? The woman fell at the feet of the king and narrated that she cooked grass into chutney.

Understanding and appreciating her predicament, the king not only ignored her misdemeanour, but also granted her a village. That village has acquired a Telugu name 'garika pAdu' (The village of grass).

When a person is truly hungry, even grass can be delicious. This Vivekananda could not understand. Even during his last days of 1902, Vivekananda was filling his belly wish shad fish and turtles (For proof, readers will see his letters to Ms. Christina Greenstidel, and Ole Bull.).

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