Sunday, April 29, 2007


In March 1890, Swami Vivekananda wrote to his co-disciple Akhand`ananda, from Ghazipur. His plan was originally to go to hills. He tried to persuade a "Dear Sir" to come to Hrishikesh. In the meantime, he continues to stay at the beautiful bungalow at Ghazipur and take food from Pavahari Baba's Ashram. He is asking Akhandananda to come to Ghazipur. Now, let see what Swamiji says:

"...There is a beautiful bungalow in a small garden belonging to a gentleman here; I mean to stay there. ..."

"...Hence, with a view to seeing to the end of this fun, I give up for the present my plan of going to the hills..."

Swamiji started calling himself 'Paramahamsa (Great swan: a term used for fulfilled saints)'. eg. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

" have only to go there and inquire about the Paramahamsa, and they will tell you of me..."

From the following, it may be found that Swamiji wanted secrecy. He did not want his co-disciples to know. So much so, for the brotherly spirit. Will they come and stay at the bungalow?

"...Don't, please, write to anyone at Baranagore that I am staying at Ghazipur. ..." .
(Upto 8th May 1890 Swamiji stayed at Ghazipur, it appears. More than three months).

On 10th May 1890, Swamiji writes to "Dear Sir (presumably Shri Pramadadas Mishra)" from Baranagore. It appears that he wants to move to a cooler place.

"...Directly the hot weather relaxes a little, I am off from this place, but I am still at a loss where to go. Do please pray for me to Vishvanatha that He may grant me strength. ..."

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