Monday, April 30, 2007

#26, All are saints for nothing!

Swami Vivekananda wrote to Rakhal (Brahmananda) from London on the 10th August 1899 from London.

"...If all the money even for the magazine is to be collected by me and all the articles too are from my pen — what will you all do? What are our Sahibs then doing? I have finished my part. You do what remains to be done. Nobody is there to collect a single penny, nobody to do any preaching, none has brains enough to take proper care of his own affairs, none has the capacity to write one line, and all are saints for nothing! ..."

*So courteous to brother disciples?

This writer's observation: This cannot be the way, a brother-disciple is addressed, though he may not have the skills of lecturing in foreign countries and collecting foreign funds. The tone of Swamiji's letters changed to a somewhat "bitter" and "pungent" language, including self-pity. This change seems to be more pronounced after Mr. Sturdy and Mrs. Ole Bull asked for accounts for donations. One gets an impression that they might have asked to him to keep his personal income and expenses separate from the new monastery's funds. In this letter, Swamiji has asked Brahmananda to prepare accounts on purchase of land, buildings, maintenance etc. and send to Mrs. Bull.

One real problem for this type of digging out truth- work is, we do not know the other side of the fence. The letters received by Vivekananda are not available. If we can know the text of the letter which provided the stimulant, we can know the reason for a Saint like Swami losing his temper.

Normally it is difficult to expect Senior Swamis losing their temper, particularly before their own brother-disciples who were doing all the donkey's work of executing the commands of the leader.

These letters addressed by others to Vivekananda may never see the light of the day, as most of the originators passed away.

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