Wednesday, April 25, 2007

#022, make separate arrangements for their (Muslim Boys) food

CONTEXT: Swami Akhand`ananada, a co-disciple of Vivekananda started an orphanage. On 10th October 1897, Vivekananda wrote to Akhand`ananda from Murree, approving it. Vivekananda wanted Mohammedan boys also to be admitted. He wrote:

"...You must admit Mohammedan boys, too, but never tamper with their religion. The only thing you will have to do is to make separate arrangements for their food etc."

*OK, with not tampering with their religion (Mohammedan boys).
*But, then why make separate arrangements for their food etc.?
*Is it desirable or possible to divide dining room on the basis of religion?

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halley said...

i appriciate ur deep study of the subject u r dealing with ' but sadly u seem to have missed out the central spirit of these speeches.swami did not divide the dining room but he was trying to ensure the continuation of the dining room, for in those days feeding hindus n muslims together wud have raised severe outcries n wud have spoiled the entire movement.n also it is absurd to judge someones views by analysing a microscopic prhase. one need to take a macroscopic view of things first.lastly why r u busying urself with all these unfruitfull analysations instead of seeking god.think 'bout dis n rectify