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#33, In ninety cases out of a hundred, fanatics must have bad livers


Swami Vivekananda classified the fanatics he knew into wine fanatics, cigar fanatics. marriage fanatics etc. In volume 5 of his Complete Works ubiquitous on the Internet, in the Section of Notes from Lectures and Discourses, we can find a severe criticism "On fanatism". This lecture seems to have been delivered at Chicago, during the first visit.

Some teetotallers may try to campaign against wine drinking. Now, Swamiji finds them cheating people and no woman being safe with him. Swamiji calls this person scoundrel. Those who campaign against wine are "wine fanatics".

A woman who campaigns against smoking, Swamiji finds to be stealing. He calls those who campaign against smoking as "cigar fanatics."

In India for some time, a few social reformers tried to popularise widow remarriages. Their idea was to improve the condition of widows, particularly the victims of child marriages. Swamiji calls these reformers "marriage fanatics."

Swamiji finds that fanatics have bad livers, dyspepsia or suffer from other diseases.

"... In ninety cases out of a hundred, fanatics must have bad livers, or they are dyspeptics, or are in some way diseased. ..."

Swamiji lectures quite prophetically. He seems to know his future. Swamiji in his letter dated 10th Nov. 1899 addressed to Ms. Christina:

"...The only difficulty is the dyspepsia, and that is the evil. For instance, I am all right in the morning and can walk miles, but in the evening it is impossible to walk after a meal — the gas — that depends entirely up on food, does it not? ... I am not in the least danger of life, the Doctors agree — only if this dyspepsia goes away . And that is "food", "food", "food", and no worry. Oh, what a worry I have had! Say we go somewhere else and make a little party and keep house ourselves ... "

Swamiji in his letter dated 20th May 1897 addressed to Rakhal (Swami Brahmananda) from Almora about his bad liver.

"... Nowadays my temper also is not very irritable, and feverishness is all due to the liver — I see this clearly. ... "

Swamiji writes on his other diseases, in his letter dated the 7th March 1900 addressed to Dhira Mata (Mrs. Ole Bull) from San Francisco.

"... I have not yet found any real benefit from the magnetic healer, except a few red patches on my chest from scratching! ... "

Now let us see what Swamiji writes to Dr. Shashi (Bhushan Ghosh) in his letter dated 29th May 1897 from Almora:

" ... Your letter and the two bottles containing the medicines were duly received. I have begun from last evening a trial of your medicines. Hope the combination will have a better effect than the one alone. ..."

"... I ate one-sixteenth of a barphi (sweetmeat) in Lucknow, and that according to Yogen was what put me out of sorts in Almora! ... "

He even marks hiw own co-disciple a hypochondriac, may be because he has reported the eating of sweets by Swamiji, to Doctor. " ... Don't you listen to what Yogen writes. He is a hypochondriac himself and wants to make everybody so. ..." .

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