Saturday, June 2, 2007

#035, How I wish you were here to taste our SHADS

Swami Vivekananda in his letter dated 12th Dec. 1901 (six months before his death), wrote to Ms. Christina Greenstidel ( Christine ), from Belur Math.

This is our best season for eating turtles, but they are all black. The green [ones] can only be found in America. Alas! I am prevented from the taste of meat. ... ".

Green turtles, black turtles ! American turtles! Indian turtles! Color and nationality are also important!

In his letter dated the 2nd September 1901 addressed to Christine, he showed his attachment to SHAD FISH (a species of fish swimming upstream from sea to a river for spawning, found in the Hooghly river flowing beside the Belur Monastery).

"...How I wish you were here to taste our SHADS — one of the most delicate fish in the world. ... I would not take any supper tonight, as I ate rather heartily of the aforesaid shad! ... "

Fortunately only few foreigners came. Otherwise, the Hooghly river would have been emptied of shad fish.

In the same letter:

"How I wish you were here to taste our shads — one of the most delicate fish in the world. It is raining outside — pouring. But the moment this downpour ceases, I rain through every pore — it is so hot yet. My whole body is covered by big patches of prickly heat. Thank goodness there are no ladies about! If I had to cover myself in this state of things, I surely would go crazy.

I have also my theme, but I am not despondent. I am sure very soon to pan it out into a beautiful ecstasy [excision]. I am half crazy by nature; then my overtaxed nerves make me outrageous now and then. As a result I don't find anybody who would patiently bear with me! I am trying my best to make myself gentle as a lamb. I hope I shall succeed in some birth. You are so gentle. Sometimes I did frighten you very much, did I not, Christina? I wish I were as gentle as you are. Mother knows which is best.

*Why should Vivekananda have overtaxed nerves?
*What is this beautiful ecstasy?
*Why should the ecstasy be excised by the editors?
*Why did Vivekananda freighten Christina?

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