Friday, June 29, 2007

#045, Herewith [words excised] to countersign it

Swami Vivekananda wrote to Ms. Christina Greenstidel from Boston, on the 22nd March 1896.

"... Herewith [words excised] to countersign it and put it [words excised]. I am afraid I have made a mistake in writing Miss to your name. In that case you will have to sign also as Miss etc. ..."

*What could be this document which needed countersignature?
*Why words in brackets were excised?
*What is wrong in writing Miss to a name?
*Was she Mrs.?
*Why did Vivekananda sign it?
*Vivekananda's devotees say that his relationship with Ms. Christina is that of a father and daughter. If so, could this document be an adoption deed? If Vivekananda made a mistake by writing "Miss" in her name, did he mean that she was Mrs.? If she was a Mrs., can a monk adopt a married woman as daughter?

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