Friday, July 20, 2007


I furnish below a link to the This contains a newspaper clipping of the paper "The Daily Gleaner" dated 16th Feb. 1900.

The clipping explains the work done by done by Swami Abhedananda in New York. As a true monk, he tried to encourage vegetarianism. It also said a New York paper tried to scare him by giving the details of the animals slaughtered in the New York City in 1900. This clipping is worth reading.

The site is a mine of information for those who study the life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda.

If the citizens of New York consumed 200,000 pounds of beef in 1900, what will be the City's consumption in 2007? No need to be scared. The world is real. (Advaita or Non-dual philosophy says that the world is Mithya (illusion). Is it really an illusion? It is we, who are unreal. Even our mortal bodies are real. They simply change their form into ash when burt and when the ash is merged/driven into drainage channels it goes into the sea. The bodies, when buried or just exposed to atmosphere degenerate in due course and change their form. The eternal truth that matter can neither be created or destroyed continues.

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