Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Today, July 4 2007, is the death anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. He passed away on July 4, 1902. Today is also the day of American Independence. Death anniversary of third President of USA- Thomas Jefferson, who passed away on July 4, 1826.

Definitely not. Proof: Fifteen days earlier, he was asking Christina Greenstidel to send Amalaka fruits from Almora which are necessary for his treatment.

"... Will you ask the boys if they can get "Amalaki" [Emblic myrobalan] fruits in the place now? We cannot get them in the plains now. They are rather sour and puckery eaten raw; but make marmalade of whole [ones] — delicious. Then they are the best things for fermentation I ever get. ..."

Some disciples and fans of Vivekananda say that he chose his day of death (as if it is in his hands - unless a suicide is committed) as the July 4, The American Independence Day because he loved US very infinitely.

1. It is true that his successes came only from US and not from UK. 2. He loved the yankee land immensely and called India, a jelley fish.

Yet, in his second trip to US, he was tired of staying in US. He was literally begging his American admirers, devotees and friends for a few dollars per month. It did not materialise. Hence it looks odd to say that he chose July 4 deliberately.


kRSNA said...

Your information about sanyAsIs (monks) doesn't seem to be very precise. Now there are two types of sanyAsIs at least in terms of whether they are maThAdipatIs (one's who are heads of maThAs) or not. The attributes of a sanyAsI as mentioned by BartRhari is that of a parivrAjakA and not a maThAdipati. So please stop flaunting your half-baked knowledge. I might sound rude but then you are taking stupidity to new heights. So in that sense though svAmijI never flaunted that he was a maThAdipati of rAmakRSNa maThs in general you can't deny the fact that he did everything or even more than that a maThAdipati does. Even in the kAnci and other shankara maThs there is a clear distinction between the duties of the jagadguru and the other fellow sanyAsIs. So please for "whatever-you-believe-in's" sake try and understand svAmijI in the right perspective. From now I'm not going to post any comments to your blogs. If what I have indicated is not enough then I don't think there is any point in pointing out the defects in your argumentation any further. I hope you have the guts to let these comments remain.

multisubj yb said...

Who is a jagadguru! It is strange that self-styled teachers add titles to themselves. In non-dualistic philosophy, the world is a mithya an illusion. The jagat means ja=which is born, gat means what is lost and goes. How can there be a Guru (teacher) for what comes and goes and what is unreal. The Sringeri and Kanci are very small places and the heads of the Maths. may be well versed in Sanskrit and Hindu theology. Then will they become teachers for the whole world? The Jagadguru title is compared to the pompous titles worn by the Pope of Vatican City. The Pope may think that he is the teacher for the whole world just as Mathadhipatis in India that they are teachers of the whole world. There is nothing like half baked knowledge. Everybody is half-baked including Mathadhipatis, Pope, Archbishop, Khalifa, Ulema, Lama, Vivekananda, me or you.