Tuesday, July 3, 2007

#047, life is misery, nothing but misery

Swami Vivekananda in his book Raja Yoga clarifies that ignorance is the cause of misery.

"...These are the five pains, the fivefold tie that binds us down, of which ignorance is the cause and the other four its effects. It is the only cause of all our misery. What else can make us miserable? ..."

In his letter dated Dec. 1900 from Belur Math, to the Raja of Khetri, Vivekananda lamented that his life was miserable and nothing else..

"..The one great lesson I was taught is that life is misery, nothing but misery. ..."

*Did Swamiji suffer from ignorance? He himself said that ignorance was the cause of misery.
*Was his misery owing to red patches on his chest?
*Was his misery a result of 'nobody subscribing to his personal fund'?
*Was his misery a result of 'everybody in US coming for free lectures and nobody paying for them'?
*Was his misery a result of foreign donors asking for accounts?
*Was his misery a result of being made to transfer the Belur Math land held in his personal name, to a Trust?
*Was his misery a result of delay in publication of his books entrusted to Ms. Waldo and consequent delays in receipt of getting money?
*Was his misery a result of foreign donors like Mr. E.T. Sturdy, Mrs. Johnson et al questioning his habits?
*Was his misery a result of Ms. Henrietta Mueller calling his bogus?
*Was his misery a result of Abhedananda clashing with Mr. Leggett in the Vedanta Society of New York and consequently Vivekananda was made to disown his role in it? Added on Oct. 1, 2014
swAmi vivEkAnanda claimed to be preacher and scholar of bhagavadgita. He might have forgotten about the following verse.

0506 Relinquishment of action (here, action or karma in gita sense means penance, charity, worship-sacrifices, observances, practices, rites) by persons who are not linked to God, can bring misery to them. On the other hand, seekers who are linked to God can attain liberation in a shorter time. ——↠↠ sanyAsas tu mahA bAhO duhkham Aptum ayOgatah ☀ yOga yuktO munir brahma na chirENa adhigachchhati.

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