Wednesday, July 4, 2007

#048, Huge casket of solid gold beautifully worked

Swami Vivekananda wrote to Ms. Mary Hale from Ramnad, vide his letter dated 30th Jan. 1897:

"... The Raja of Ramnad has presented his address to "His most Holiness" in a huge casket of solid gold beautifully worked ...".

*Who was the: 'His most holiness'?
*What happened for the gold casket? Did the Raja take back? Did Vivekananda tell Raja, that as a monk he conquered "kanchana (gold)" and refuse to accept the honor?
*Did the Swamiji take the casket? What happened for the casket?

*Vivekananda, during his visit to Europe, told Prof. Deussen that the monastic oaths taken by him (Swamiji) were restrictive only in respect of kanchan (gold) and kAmini (women). Returning to India, Swamiji is boasting to Ms. Mary Hal, about receiving gold from the ruler of Ramnad, without worrying that he had broken his pledge!

"...Mary, I am on the very height of my destiny, yet the mind turns to quietness and peace, to the days we had in Chicago, of rest, of peace, and love. ..."

In November 1899, Vivekananda was in New York. Almost all his letters of the period contain a reference to dyspepsia. He was worried about obtaining Battle-creeke health food.

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