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Samadhi is a state of ecstasy of mind. During the ecstatic state, a person is believed to go into a trance of unconsciousness. Scriptures contain many definitions and interpretations. (At this blog itself, pl. see my earlier discussion on "samadhi". I am not adding this piece there as that post will become lengthy and difficult to read.)

Priya Nath Sinha and Vivekananda were boyhood friends. Before Vivekananda took to monkhood, it seems they met many times and discussed (as per the reminiscences of Shri P.N. Sinha). During the discussions Shri Sinha questioned the possibility of a person attaining the ecstatic state in this Age of Darkness and Falsity (Kali Yuga). Vivekananda replied that he attained ecstatic state frequently could take Sinha to the state of ecstasy. At that time the conversation could not go ahead and Sinha could not presss for the ecstatic state from Vivekananda.

After Vivekananda returned from his first sojourn in US, he got an elevated status of a Hero. Shri Sinha met him again and at an opportune time asked for the State of Ecstasy and pressed. This time Vivekananda made a different plea:

"...You see, having continually lectured and worked hard for several years, the quality of Rajas has become too predominant in me. Hence that power is lying covered, as it were, in me now. If I leave all work and go to the Himalayas and meditate in solitude for some time, then that power will again come out in me. ..."

*Can a person whether monk or not, take another to a State of Ecstasy by touching or through other means? Did Vivekananda really have that power?
*Why should he lose it by lecturing or working hard for some years?
This writer does not say that Vivekananda was making a lame excuse of hard work. But the whole affair of Preachers taking their disciples to ecstatic states seems to be an illusion. Preachers have a tendency to nurture and continue two illusions in the minds of their disciples: 1. That Ochre-robed persons can cure by touch. 2. Ochre-robed persons can take people to ecstatic states.

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Pujari Ankur said...

This is when Swamiji returned from his 1st Sojourn.

Shri Priya Nath Sinha about Swamiji

When we were alone again, I asked him, "Well, Swamiji, you are a Sâdhu (holy man). Money was raised by subscription for your reception here, and I thought, in view of the famine in this country, that you would wire, before arriving in Calcutta, saying, 'Don't spend a single pice on my reception, rather contribute the whole sum to the famine relief fund'; but I found that you did nothing of the kind. How was that?"

Swamiji: Why, I wished rather that a great enthusiasm should be stirred up. Don't you see, without some such thing how would the people be drawn towards Shri Ramakrishna and be fired in his name? Was this ovation done for me personally, or was not his name glorified by this? See how much thirst has been created in the minds of men to know about him! Now they will come to know of him gradually, and will not that be conducive to the good of the country? If the people do not know him who came for the welfare of the country, how can good befall them? When they know what he really was, then men — real men — will be made; and when will be such men, how long will it take to drive away famines etc. from the land? So I say that I rather desired that there should be some bustle and stir in Calcutta, so that the public might be inclined to believe in the mission of Shri Ramakrishna; otherwise what was the use of making so much fuss for my sake? What do I care for it? Have I become any greater now than when I used to play with you at your house? I am the same now as I was before. Tell me, do you find any change in me?

Though I said, "No, I do not find much change to speak of", yet in my mind I thought, "You have now, indeed, become a god."

These Subject of his Main Part is always ignored by u and u find good in passing anyyy Comments