Friday, August 31, 2007

#071, I have found the pearl for which I dived into the ocean of life

On the 14th October 1900, Swami Vivekananda wrote from Paris to Ms. Christina GreenStidel informing her that he has been relieved of the duties of the Belur Math. He addresses her as "my dear Christine".

"... I am sending all the money I earned in America to India. Now I am free, the begging-monk as before. I have also resigned from the Presidentship of the Monastery. Thank God, I am free! It is no more for me to carry such a responsibility. I am so nervous and so weak ..."

*Vivekananda advised every Indian to be brave. But he himself was "nervous and weak" after working as the President of the Monastery just for two years.

Vide Ibid:

"I have attained my aim. I have found the pearl for which I dived into the ocean of life. I have been rewarded. I am pleased.
Thus it seems to me that a new chapter of my life is opening ..."

*What is this pearl which Vivekananda found after diving into the ocean of life? What is he rewarded with? What is he pleased with?

This writer's observation: Since this letter is addressed to Ms. Christina Greenstidel, we have to presume that the pearl he found was she i.e. Ms. Christina Greenstidel.

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