Wednesday, September 5, 2007

#072, Any fool can do that

Swami Vivekananda spoke at Washington Hall, Sanfrancisco, on March 16, 1900.

External purity is very easy and all the world rushes towards [it]. If a certain kind of dress is the kind of morality [to be observed], any fool can do that. When it is grappling with the mind itself, it is hard work.

The people who do external, superficial things are so self-righteous! I remember, when I was a boy I had great regard for the character of Jesus Christ. [Then I read about the wedding feast in the Bible.] I closed the book and said, "He ate meat and drank wine! He cannot be a good man."
*Eat meat and weep for God. Weeping with a meat-filled belly is a qualification for seeing God!
*As far as kindness to animals is concerned, Jesus should get a zero. In other things he may be a saint.
*What a justification of a monk's eating meat and drinking alcohol?
*Didn't he wear ochre-robes, a big turban? Didn't he prefix "Swami" and suffix 'ananda' to his name? Were these not external symbols?
*Did not he call himself Paramahamsa (Great Swan)?
*So wear an ochre colored loin cloth. Bathe and meditate on river Hooghly. Go searching for turtles. Discuss the merits of American turtles vs. Indian turtles. Invite foreign ladies to eat them. If doctor does not allow you to eat meat, lament.
Nothing is external!

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