Saturday, September 15, 2007


Swami Vivekananda supported beef eating. His biographer Swami Nikhilananda writes in Vivekananda's biography, page 96:

"... The Swami courageously told them about the eating of beef by Brahmins in Vedic times. One day, asked about what he considered the most glorious period of Indian history, the Swami mentioned the Vedic period, when five Brahmins used to polished off one cow ..."

There are extensive quotes on the Internet which say that Vivekananda prescribed 3 b's for India's future:

1. Beef 2. Biceps. 3. Bhagavad Gita.

His B-3s may be a reaction to the B-3s of the British invaders: 1. Bible 2. Bayonet 3. Brandy.

These may be in his lectures. But, the quote is not traceable in his Complete Works.


naris said...

ur absolutely wrong

multisubj yb said...

At your age of 20 I was like you. I with my own hands painted the picture of Vivekananda, got it framed and used to worship it daily.