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}{^^ HimaLayaNSwaStikA ^^}{ said... on Oct. 22, 2007
Dear Christian Missionary,

your blogs does not deserve any body's (Not Only Hindus)comments or attention. I am posting this just to let you know that you are actually writing trash for the sack of publicity. May god direct your intellect in right direction.

Get well soon
Take care



Friends: Had I been a Christian Missionary, I would have been flying in helicopters and moving in Benz cars. (One Missionary lent his Helicopter to (Late) Speaker of Indian Parliament.)
I am just an ordinary Hindu, who uses his legs for walking or pedals a 1990 model Luna Moped.

Had I been a missionary of any religion, I would have stayed and dined at Grand Hotel! Or visited Switzerland in summer. I am just an ordinary hoi polloi who eats idlis and capaatis sold on wayside carts.

You have blamed that I am writing for the sake of publicity. Why do I need publicity at this age of 57? Am I going to get a Nobel Prize or Booker Prize or Gnaan Piit`h Award?

Vivekananda was given a grand reception in Calcutta on his returning from the West in 1897. The organisers sold tickets for entry to the reception. Vivekananda might have thought that he would receive some surplus left or a silver casket as it happened in Madras. But he was presented a bill of Rs. 300/- by the organisers. Why should a person foot a bill for his own felicitation? That too when there was a famine in Calcutta. Of course, he gave his own explanation, that he wanted to spread the message of his master Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Or he believed that people would give more donations for famine relief fund, if publicity was more. These were all Western ideas! Grand functions for charity, people abroad may pay for. More examples could also be found for Swamiji's penchant for publicity.

Reply to COMMENT: "Get well soon"
I believe that I am alright, though my way of thinking may be different from most other Indians. If at all I am unwell, my sickness might have started after reading the letters of Swami Vivekananda and compare them with his lectures and what he practised. If I have to get well, I have to wash ofF all this stuff.

Reply to Comment: "Take Care"
You might have read the story of Parikshit s/o Abhimanyu and grand son of Arjuna. He hid himself in a seven storied tower, so as to save himself from a snake called "Takshaka". The snake came hid itself in a mango fruit presented by a Brahmin to the king and bit him. In spite of best efforts or NO EFFORTS, we cannot take care of ourselves. Another example: Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi could not save herself from terrorism. Her own guard shot her.

Yet, I have noted all your instructions for compliance.

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Anonymous said...

Dear yb (that is how I think I should address you),

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or of any other religion, the work you are doing through these blogs is commendable. I am sure that more and more people will see these blogs in the days to come and get their rationality reinforced. So, Kindly carry on your good work.