Monday, October 1, 2007

#083, Any fool may abstain from eating this or that!

Vivekananda preached in Chapter 10 "The method and means", of his Bhakti Yoga. (Volume 3 of his Complete Works).

" ... The cow does not eat meat, nor does the sheep. Are they great Yogis, great non-injurers? Any fool may abstain from eating this or that; surely that gives him no more distinction than to herbivorous animals. The man who will mercilessly cheat widows and orphans and do the vilest deed for money is worse than any brute even if he lives entirely on grass. ... "

*How can cows be yogis? They eat grass and give milk in return. Man eats beef and blames the cow. Fake monks drink milk and utter sermons of grass.
Only ochre-robe wearing, beef crunching, turtle-eating and fish munching monks can be yogis.

*SV does not realise that kindness to animals and non-cheating widows and orphans are not mutually exclusive.

*A person who does the vilest deeds for money can be either a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. Vivekananda presumes that a person who does not cheat orphans and women has a right to go on killing animals and indulge in sensual cravings at his liberty.

*It is widely believed that vegetarian food is 'satvic' and helps a person to control his animal instincts. That means vegetarianism is a step in climbing the ladder to become a finer human being, who will hesitate to cheat orphans and women or do the vilest things for money.

*A true monk should preach and promote both i.e. gentler and compassionate food habits and ethical values. If a monk is temporarily unable to control his cravings, he can always admit his shortcomings and promise to improve gradually.

*The Western audience and spectators grabbed whatever Vivekananda spoke, because they did not know the intricacies of Vedanta or the Hinduism.


Anonymous said...

The gullibility shown by the western audience to whatever SV said as Hinduism can be pardoned since they (the western people) had no idea of Hinduism, its tenets, philosophy etc. Our modern day (21st. century) Indian Hindus are definitely more gullible when they believe without question, every word of what our innumerable swamijis, orators, bhagavathas etc., tell them in their speeches.

Multisubj Yb TruthSeeker said...

I agree.