Monday, October 1, 2007

#84, I hear that he was mad

The most favourite word of Swami Vivekananda was "jealousy". In his Complete Works, the word is used at least 71 times as per a search-result. At some places, the word is used very fittingly and at some other places quite out of context/place. He attributed "jealousy" to many people with whom he interacted.

SWAMIJI attributed jealosy to P.C. Mozoomdar, who helped him in getting admitted as a speaker in the World Parliament of Religions.

SWAMIJI attributed jealosy to Ms. Henrietta Muller who helped financially in purchasing the Belur Math land.

He wrote to Sister Nivedita from Paris on Aug. 25, 1900:

"... Your letter indicates that I am jealous of your new friends. You must know once for all, I am born without jealousy, without avarice, without the desire to rule — whatever other vices I am born with. ..... ... I never directed you before; now, after I am nobody in the work, I have no direction whatever. ....... I never had any jealousy about what friends you made. I never criticised my brethren for mixing up in anything. Only I do believe the Western people have the peculiarity of trying to force upon others whatever seems good to them, forgetting that what is good for you may not be good for others. As such, I am afraid you might try to force upon others whatever turn your mind might take in contact with new friends. ..."

Swamiji wrote to Ms. Christina Greenstidel, from Belur Math on Nov. 25, 1901:

"... I am so glad you were so taken by Abhedananda; only I thought one Hindu was good for a lifetime ... "

Vivekananda wrote to Ms. Mary Hale from Darjeeling on Apr. 28, 1897.

" ... Dr. Barrows has reached America by this time, I hope. Poor man! He came here to preach the most bigoted Christianity, with the usual result that nobody listened to him. Of course they received him very kindly; but it was my letter that did it. I could not put brains into him! Moreover, he seems to be a queer sort of man. I hear that he was mad at the national rejoicings over my coming home. You ought to have sent a brainier man anyway, for the Parliament of Religions has been made a farce of in the Hindu mind by Dr. Barrows. ..."

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