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#088, There was a great flutter in our dovecote owing to my letters

According to phrase : "flutter in the dovecote" means:--

"... Flutter the dovecotes, to cause a stir in a quiet or conservative institution or group: (Usage:- )The flamboyant manner of the tourists fluttered the dovecotes of the sleepy New England town ..."

Swami Vivekananda used this phrase in his letter dated June 14, 1902 (just 20 days before his passing away), to Ms. Christina Greenstidel. She was at Mayawati with Mrs. Sevier at that time. He wrote from Belur Math:

"... I have a beautiful letter from Mrs. Sevier, and [am] so happy to learn that she loves you more and more. But plumpness is the criterion, mon amie [my friend], for a' [all] that. ..."

So there was a great flutter in our dovecote owing to my letters, but things must have assumed their old form by this time. ..."

1) From the dictionary meaning "to cause a stir in a quiet or conservative institution or group" what is to be understood? As Vivekananda was staying at Belur Math at the time of writing, his dovecote may be the Belur Math. What stir Vivekananda's letters might have caused in the Belur Math?

After the "Flutter in the dovecote" letter of the 14th June 1902, the very next day, he wrote to her not to come to Calcutta. He said that a) he would be anxious if she stayed in Baghbazar, Calcutta. b) he would be at ease if she staed at Mayawati.

The real question is: After having sent passage to Ms. Christine, why he did not invite her to see him at Belur Math?

2) Ms. Christina came to India at the initiative of Vivekananda (he sent her US$ 480 for her passage and expenses to USA in Dec. 1901). She came in April 1902 to Bombay. She was sent directly to Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh to live with Mrs. Sevier.
Vivekananda wrote to her on March 30, 1902 from Belur Math:

"...You know how welcome you are — I need not express it. This is a land where expressions are studiously subdued ..." .

*Why Vivekananda is studiously subduing his expressions?

June 21, 1902 was the last letter of Shri Vivekananda to Ms. Christina. He wrote:

"... No anxiety on the score of Marie Louise's* arrival in Calcutta. She has not yet made any noise. ..."

*Why should there be anxiety for Vivekananda and Ms. Christina if Ms. Marie Louise (Kripananda) arrived in Calcutta? Why should she make any noise?

In the same letter he wrote:

"... We will think of your coming to Baghbazar after Nivedita has fairly started; till then keep quiet and lay on food. ..."

*Why does Vivekananda link Nivedita's leaving Baghbazar and Ms. Christina coming to BaghBazar?

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