Friday, October 12, 2007

#091, Only Rs. 400 in four years

Swami Ramakrishnananda was a brother disciple of Swami Vivekananda. 1) Also called "Shashi" informally. 2) Was founder-head of the Ramakrishna Math, Madras (Chennai).

FACTSSwamiji wrote to Ramakrishnananda from Belur Math on June 6, 1901:

"... Never have I laid a curse on you, and why should I do so now? All your life you have known my love for you, and today are you doubting it? ..."

Why did Ramakrishnananda write that Vivekananda laid a curse on him (Ramakrishnanda)?

FACTS SV wrote to Sister Nivedita (Margot) from Benares on Mar. 4, 1902. At that time he was badly in need of money. It appears Ramakrishnananda placed at his feet Rs. 400/-. From the following, we can say that it is for Vivekananda's for personal expenses.

" ... Ramakrishnananda came a few weeks before I came away, and the first thing he did was to lay down at my feet 400 Rs. he had collected in so many years of hard work!!! It was the first time such a thing has happened in my life. I can scarcely suppress my tears. Oh, Mother!! Mother! There is not all gratitude, all love, all manliness dead!!! And, dear child, one is enough — one seed is enough to reforest the world.

Well, that money is in deposit in the Math. I never mean to touch a penny of that. When I asked Ramakrishnananda to give that money to his people, he replied he did not care a hang to give to anybody except me and was only sorry he could scrape that little in four years! Well, if I pass away, see that 400 Rs. is paid back — every rupee to him. Lord bless you and Ramakrishnananda. ... "

*Wasn't Swamiji unhappy that Rs. 400 was too small in four years?
*Did Ramakrishnanda feel in June 1901 that Vivekananda laid a curse? Did this make Ramakrishnanda to mobile and bring Rs. 400? Was there any link between feeling of being cursed and remitting the amount?
*Why didn't Vivekananda take and deposited with the Belur Math?
*Full facts are unclear.


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ur blog s very nice...may i know d source from which u hav taken ...

multisubj yb said...

"The Complete Works of Vivekananda" are available everywhere on the Net free. You can go for a Wikipedia is the best among available lot.

I have gathered the info from several sources using Google Search.