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When Capt. Scot reached South Pole, he already found a flag of Norway there, planted by Amund Sen, who reached there by a shorter route.

After writing about 60 posts, while I was searching in depth the Complete Works, the Vivekananda literature and numerous other web-sites on Vivekananda, I felt tired of brickbats being received from some of my readers. Then, suddenly realisation dawned in me, that I may not the first person to have undertaken a lengthy analysis of Vivekananda's preachings and practices. I then started searching for previous works on the subject. Unfortunately, I did not make note of URLs of all of them. Now, I have taken up the task of collecting all such URLs and presenting them here. Most of the URL's I shall be giving are of the type: "Relook or corrective" and not the routine flatteries. However, to get an integrated picture, the readers have to study both the "praising" biographies by disciples and admirers as well as the Corrective ones. However, I have not quoted any of their contents, because as far as possible, I wanted to work out only from Complete Works. If any of the contents of the corrective books are to be quoted we have to cross-check with other evidence.

1. Title: Swami Vivekananda in India, a Corrective biography. Author: Rajagopal Chatopadhyaya. Publisher: Motilal Banarsidas Publ. 1999.

2. Title: Swami Vivekananda - A Reassessment. Author: NarsinghaPrasad Sil. Publisher: Susquehanna University Press. 1997.
(More will be added).

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