Saturday, November 17, 2007

#107, Remorse at not having reaped any appreciable results by serving the Sadhus

Swamijis (Monks and heads of monasteries) and Sethjis (Rich Merchants) have an affinity comparable to iron plates and horse shoe magnets. The moment an iron plate finds a magnet, it gets stuck up to it.

There is some symbiosis between Swamijis and Sethjis. Sethjis want solutions to their material problems. Swamijis promise to solve them with their spiritual solutions. Both ignore that material problems need material solutions. . A hope is created in the minds of Sethjis. The Sethjis in anticipation meet all the material needs of Swamijis. If fortunately 50% of the problems of the Sethjis are solved, the Sethjis build a life-long devotion to the Swamijis. They go to any extent to satisfy the Swamijis and benefit more.

1. Delhi : Shri Seth Shyamaldas.

2. Mumbai (Bombay) : : Shri Seth Ramdas Chebildas.

3. Meerut : Seth Nanda Ram Gupta.

Swami Vivekananda wrote to Shri Balram Bose, a wealthy devotee of Shri Ramakrishna from Ghazipur, on 14th Feb. 1890. (Shri Balaram Bose provided substantial financial support to Shri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda). Shri Bose was sick. It seems he expressed his remorse for not getting results.

"... You have expressed remorse at not having reaped any appreciable results by serving the Sadhus. It is true, and yet not true; it is true if you look towards ideal bliss; but if you look behind to the place from which you started, you will find that before you were an animal, now you are a man, and will be a god or God Himself in future. Moreover, that sort of regret and dissatisfaction is very good; it is the prelude to improvement. Without this none can rise. He who puts on a turban and immediately sees the Lord, progresses thus far and no farther ..."

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