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#110, Inform Mahendra Babu that he is my Calcutta agent

After terminating the lecturing contract with an American Lecture Bureau, Swami Vivekananda tried lecturing independently. But they did not take off for various reasons. Then he received an invitation from Mr. E.T. Sturdy, Sanskrit Scholar, England, in 1895. During his stay in England, Swamiji and Mr. Sturdy worked jointly on Raja Yoga and some other Sanskrit Works. Mr. Sturdy and Miss Muller bore the boarding and lodging expenses of Swamiji and his brother disciples.

Swamiji regarded Mr. Sturdy as his Business Secretary as can be seen from his letter from England to Kaal`i (Swami Abhedananda who worked in New York Vedanta Society), dt. Oct. 1895:

"... Inform Mahendra Babu that he is my Calcutta agent. Tell him to send a letter to Mr. Sturdy by next mail informing him that he is ready to look after all business transactions in Calcutta on your behalf. In effect, Mr. Sturdy is my secretary in England, Mahendra Babu in Calcutta, and Alasinga in Madras. Send this information to Madras also. ..."

On Oct. 6, 1895, Swamiji wrote from England to Mrs. Bull:
"... I am translating a little book on Bhakti with Mr. Sturdy with copious commentaries, which is to be published soon. ..."

In Dec. 1895, Swamiji wrote from England to Mrs. Bull:
"... Mr. Sturdy, being a rich man, bore the major part of the expenses of lecturing in big halls — the rest I bore. ..."

Swamiji wrote to Mr. Sturdy from New York, on Feb. 29, 1896.

On July 6, 1896, Swamiji appointed Mr. Francis Leggett as his Attorney for the publication business.

"... The books and pamphlets here have been got up this way. A committee was formed in New York. They paid all the expenses of stenographing and printing on condition the books will belong to them. So these pamphlets and books are theirs. One book, the Karma-Yoga has been already published; the Raja-Yoga, a much bigger one, is in the course of publication; the Jnana-Yoga may be published later on. These will be popular books, the language being that of talk, as you have seen already. I have purged everything that is objectionable, and they help me in getting up the books. ... "

"... The books are the property of this Committee, of which Mrs. Ole Bull is the principal backer, also Mrs. Leggett.

It is only just that they should have the books as they paid all the expenses. There is no fear of the publishers meddling with them, as they are the publishers themselves. ..."

This seems to have annoyed Mr. Sturdy. It is not clear what Mr. Sturdy wrote in reply. Nor Swamiji was freightened immensely. He wrote to Mr. Sturdy on March 17, 1896.
"... I received your last just now and it frightened me immensely.

The lectures were delivered under the auspices of certain friends who paid for the stenography and all other expenses on condition they alone will have the right to publish them. As such, they have already published the Sunday lectures as well as three books on "KarmaYoga", "Raja Yoga", and "Jnana Yoga". The Raja-Yoga especially has been much altered and re-arranged along with the translation of "Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali". The Raja-Yoga is in the hands of Longmans. The friends here are furious at the idea of these books being published in England; and as they have been made over to them by me legally, I am at a loss what to do. The publication of the pamphlets was not so serious, but the books have been so much re-arranged and changed that the American edition will not recognise the English one. Now pray don't publish these books, as they will place me in a very false position and create endless quarrel and destroy my American work. ..."

On NOv. 2, 1899, at Ridgely Manor Resort, New York, he expressed his agony to Ms. Nivedita and Mrs. Ole Bull (as per the diary of Miss Nivedita).

"... One could see that he was troubled and for the first time he talked of the two years foretold to him, of defection and disease and treachery--and of how it was growing thicker today than ever ... He spoke of E.T.S.[Edward T. Strudy] and of the Indian troubles--and he said he found himself still the Sannyasi--he minded no loss--but he could be hurt through personal love. Treachery cut deep ... "

BLOGGER'S VIEW It is not clear what treachery and defection did Mr. Sturdy or the Indian (troubles) (brother disciples?) commit?

On April 4, 1901, Swamiji wrote from Belur Math to Ms. Christina Greenstidel:

"... P.S. Please enquire of Miss [Sarah Ellen] Waldo about the publication of Karma and Jnâna Yogas and write ..."
(Incomplete. Will be continued).

On August 27, 1901, Swamiji wrote from Belur Math to Ms. Christina again:

"...Did you write to Miss [Sarah Ellen] Waldo about the publication of the books? I get no news and, what is more important, no money (that is between you and me) from the sale. ..."


Ashok said...

Good work by you. I have read some where that Great men don't have consistency . There is bound to be contradictions in their own statements. Two statements of his own may seem to differ but it might be due to the person addressed to or place or context. Both might be perfectly true in their own way. It is difficult to understand a person of such high calibre. My respects to him have not diminished even a little, but was happy to read the other side of him. I still adore him. I wish all people to read about the other side of great personlities. Many are ignorant in this respect because very little comes to the limelight. Are there blogspots about other personalities and their other side? Say Gandhiji?

November 21, 2007 2:13 PM

Pujari Ankur said...

I donno who ur but what ur doing is just wastage of Time. Understanding Great Souls like Shri Swami Vivekananda is not an easy task.
At Various places in the Blog ur trying to highlight some normal opinions of Swamiji with ur Bad Intentions. Swamiji was himself a Realized Soul and whenever he commented on India or other he meant that Everyone should strive hard for his own Development whether its Wordly or Spiritual.

At one Point Ramkrishna quotes about Swamiji that he (Swamiji) says " when a Person recedes from the I relating to his Individual Existnce he gets closer to the I nature of Para Brahma.

Sorry but ur not of Matured Mind.
(Now don say that Im saying it with arrogance as u do in case of Swami)

Great Spiritual Gaints of the Modern Day acknowledge their indebtedness to Swamiji. He was Such a Spiritual King.
U dared to say that Swamiji was arrogant but didnt notice ur own arrogance which made u to sit and pass ur nonsense comments about Swamiji.
Great Many Jnanis and Bhaktas call other people as Fools just like the Greatest Dnyani cum Bhakta Shri Adi Shankara blamed us all as Moodhamate coz yes i agree we are Moodhamates but ur Heart is not big to accept it.
Now dont start up another blog to Comment even on the Great Adi Shankara.

Pujari Ankur said...

Instead of doing this all go and work Selflessly as Swamiji Preached or else start up a blog to discuss Our Ancient Knowledge like Bhagvat Gita.
U behave Childish, dont u understand that Renunciation is a Very Broad Thing.
A man may be a King but eventhen can be a Renunciate just like King Janaka. Swamiji was a Raja Yogi.
Though he lived life which appeared to be full of Pomp, inside the Heart he never enjoyed it. Even in his Explntn of Upanishads like in the case of Yajnavalkya and his wives he showed his real spirit of Consciousness saying that wat we feel that we enjoy through senses are but the Reflection of the Supreme Bliss only. This Dnyana of Swamiji is acknowledged by Many other Gaints.
You seem to not respect even the Great Spiritual Richness of our Vedas coz i read u cheaply talking about Samadhi , ohhh u dont know the Bliss of Samadhi which the Sages experience.

One may act merely as a Renunciate outwardly by posing (the way which pleases u ) but may be longing for pleasures inwardly. whats use?

In other way Sanyasis like Swamiji are Gr8 Renunciates. Even after being seated on Golden Chair beside a Beautiful women their Mind doesnt get distracted by Gold nor Women.

Normal Persons like Me n U cant and MUST NOT Judge Great Souls like Swamiji.
Its ell known to all that Swamiji words appeared to be Harsh but resulted in way situation demands.
Swamiji was not fond of Western Life. Infact he didnt even had a plan for going abroad. Initially Swamiji tried to work out the problem in India only but the people at that time were not aware of Swamijis Authority just like u.

Swamiji was self realized and so he knew what has to be done and did it that way.

Pujari Ankur said...

Ya Swamiji was in need of money for Belur Math. For what do u think Belur Math and other Institutions are for ?
For Realization of Self and for Sevice to mankind.
So if even Swamiji literally Beg for money. but what for did he beg ? for the good of U and Me.

U had tried to focus on the Uncertain matters only. What about other ?? Did he not exhibit selfless character since childhood ? Did he not sleep on the Floor during his days at Chicago thinking and weeping about Indias Condition ? Did he not Meditate on Indias Past Present and Future for 3 days at Kanyakumari without caring about his Body ?
If at all he was wordly why would he leave his family in grief ?

U dont even seem to respect Shri Ramkrihna , u cant even IMAGINE about his Brahma Consciousness. as said by knowing Brahma he had become varily brahma himself. he never said that he was God. he said he was Lords Servant.

U have got to learn Politeness in Life. Go to a Guru and learn to be devoted at his Feet.
Ur thinking urslf as an Authority ????
U are not good enough even to utter a word about Swamiji ?

So according to u The men who eat Flesh can never realize Self ?
As if u had tried out every way urself ?

ur a Nastika and trying to affect others Reverence about Swamiji ??

Keep ur Brahma-jnana with urself.
Just reading up some letters repeatedly and finding faults is easy. What about his Excellent Philosophy infront of which his everyone had to bow ??

Have a Firm Stand urslf first then u can talk about them.
Go and work out urself and then say whether the Yogic Knowledge are True or not ?