Saturday, December 1, 2007


Shri nvineeth said...
stop spamming, I really don't care what you think about my master , nor will the link you post in my blog improve the page rank of your blog and increase the ad revenue.
December 1, 2007 12:47 AM

Well, friend: My mission is to provide you information. If I provide you the information free by visiting your blog spending sometime and reading what you write about Vivekananda, I do not consider it as a spam. Whenever somebody comes to our homes and offer to sell something we treat him virtually as a beggar. But when we go to Malls and High Market Show Rooms, we feel elated and buy inferior goods at FIXED PRICE offered with 90% discount.

You can freely delete my link at your will. Nevertheless, I thank you very much for bearing with my visit to your blog.

If you do not use the benefit extended to you free of cost, I lose nothing. In the words of your master Swami Vivekananda: [(Vivekananda wrote to Swami Shivananda from Almora, on July 9, 1897, about Swami Ramakrishnananda, (Shashi) his brother-disciple)]:

"... O Rama! How hard it is to turn a donkey into a horse, even by beating! ..."

I kept Google Adsense at my blog with a view to earn my out of pocket expenses at Internet Cafe. I spend about Rs. 12,000 per annum on this count. The idea is, that I should not lose interest in my mission because of expenditure of money and time. Anyway, from Adsense I did not make a single Cent. No worry. When we eat food, money goes into drain. Yet we do not stop eating. Just as eating is an instinct for a human, writing is an instinct for a writer, Kaama Karma or Nishkaama Karma.

I greatly appreciate your provoking me.


nvineeth said...

well, dont mistake me, I cannot tolerate anyone raising doubts about truthfulness swami vivekananda, and my reply was only in the heat of the moment, BTW, I feel if you take a broadband connection you can incur below 1K per month. If you dont have a computer, you can easily buy a good lenovo laptop with the savings (assuming you are spending 12K per month now) in 4-5 months.

Multisubj Yb TruthSeeker said...
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