Friday, December 28, 2007


I wish to clarify to the Blogspot writers on Vivekananda who may be inclined to fault me that I am spamming by writing comments in their blogs, for the sake of Google Adsense income.

Those who want to maximise their Google Adsense income should not write much about India and Indians.

1. According to one school of thinking, Adsense will not pay if it finds that more than 50% of clicks are Asians.

2. There is another school which says that Google gets less income from ads displayed to Asian readers and consequently pay out will be less than the readers of European and American countries.

3. Google itself is silent. It must have been a commercial policy.

Most of those who write on Vivekananda, and read on Vivekananda, live in India and even if they click on my ads, I do not earn anything. Hence there is no question of my making money by writing on Vivekananda.

1. There are about 20,000 blogs at BlogSpot which write about or quote from Vivekananda, most of which are from Indians/Asians.

2. I also find that most of them do not have readers.

3. Those bloggers who go on repeatedly reproducing the biographies of Vivekananda or quoting from Vivekananda Books, praising the Swamiji to the sky have to keep in mind that they get mostly Asian/Indian readers and Indian/Asian Clicks.

4. If any of them have any genuine need for revenue, (example: fresh graduate writers seeking part-time self- employment through creative writing) have to keep in mind that they will not get sizeable earnings from Asia. Praising Vivekananda does not give them money, this they should realise if some of them have money/livelihood as an object and think that praising Swamiji will get them readers.

According to my study on the Net, Non-Asian readers do not have much interest in Vivekananda, because their priorities have shifted to enjoyments of life (headonism) and not spiritualism. Diverting them from their (Non-Indians) own goals to Hinduism or spirituality, is not a job cut for Indians, because Mother India calls us for domestic priorities. My mission is to call Vivekananda-praising Indians back to India. Their master Swami Vivekananda who went abroad in 1893 for participating in the World Parliament of Religions got stuck up to Lecture firms expecting thousands of dollars and lashed out at Alasinga and his South Indian devotees who mobilised funds to send him abroad, simply because they wanted him to come back.

If I have to earn from Adsense, I must write for foreign readers and foreign clickers. I write from my brain, conscience, discriminative abilities, emotions, feelings, grievances, ideas and intellect. My first priority definitely is for India whether I get income or not. When I get some spare time and strong urge, I write things globally.

(This will be subject to further editing and change of views.)

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