Thursday, January 17, 2008


One blogger wrote:
"... He is a major figure in the history of the Hindu reform movements. While he is widely credited with having uplifted his own nation. ..."

BLOGGER'S VIEWThis uplifter of Nation must be a great weight-lifter. How is it that this weight-lifter ended up begging foreign women for photos? On 2nd Sept. 1901, Swami Vivekananda wrote from Belur Math to Ms. Christina Greenstidel:
"... They all are expected here in November, and will have a "hot time in this old town" etc. I pray you can come, and the Mother will open the door for it. I cannot but say my prayers mostly have been heard, up to date."

*A Swamiji who relinquished everything craving for a 'hot time in old town'!
*A Swamiji praying foreign ladies to come!
*A Swamiji praying for mundane things!


Somdatta Bhattacharya said...

Dear multisubj yb,
Thanks a lot for pointing out this letter of Swamiji. Now we can be certain that he was a normal human being after all and not the heartless monster that some people make him out to be. Don't you think after all he did for the benefit of mankind that he was entitled to his share of fun? And mind you, despite all this he lost none of his powers, for it was possibly around the same time that he demonstrated the incredible feat of memorizing the first 11 volumes of the Britannica. So go on digging up all the sleaze, its only going to add to his glory, for how many people do you find accomplishing such tremendous feats without forsaking their sense of fun? Yeah, he had taken the vows of a Sanyasin and that you are going to say precluded him from such indulgements, but for me, after what he had done, Swamiji had transcended those vows, for he had achieved whatever those vows are meant for.
So keep up the good work.

Somdatta Bhattacharya said...

Dear multisubj yb,
I have been mistaken in my earlier comment. I learned just now that Christina Greenstidel was none other than Sister Christine and Swamiji looked upon her as his daughter. So this letter of his was merely inquiring after whether she had put on some weight, for she was really emaciated and Swamiji was concerned about that. So please don't dig up sleaze where there is none and I am sure if you published the entire letter it would be self-evident that there was nothing wrong.

Prashant Jalasutram said...

Please see positives in people and leave few so called *negatives* in a person.

Think for a while what advantage you get with this negative approach?

Love God and share the same with others.


ybr (alias ybrao a donkey) said...

Reply to comment No.2 above of Mr. Somdatta Bhattacharya. Nivedita and Ms. Christina Greenstidel are two different persons. Ms. Nivedita and Ms. Christina Greenstidel stayed in India for some years after the death of Swamiji. The relationship between Nivedita and Swamiji was not peculiar. It was more of a Guru and Sishya, and probably that of a father and an adopted daughter. But then, Vivekananda did not write bizarre things to Nivedita. Besides, I do not have any disrespect towards Christina or Nivedita. Ms. Christina had worked as a teacher in India after the death of Swamiji, till she went back to USA.

ybr (alias ybrao a donkey) said...

There is a Sanskrit proverb. pramAdO dhImatApi. Approximate meaning , even great and courageous persons, can sometimes slip and fall. This seems to have happened not only for SV , but also even for Gandhiji. It appears that Chakravartula Rajagopalachari (Rajaji) corrected him in time, according to one author. Anyway, this may not be the right place for that discussion. Suffice to say, that it will be better, if we do not indulge in too much of hero worship (vyakti pUja or vIra pUja) and make mountains out of molehills, as is happening in the case of Vivekananda.

ybr (alias ybrao a donkey) said...

To Shri Prashant JalasUtram: My praNams to you if you are affiliated to Late Jharuknatha Sastry (Jalasutram Rukmininatha Sastry) a great Telugu scholar of paradies.

This 21st Century is not for positive things. Now, you see your Great Prime Minister. He was pretending as if he was a single person, though he was a married person. His early marriage may be a mistake of elders, but he condemned his wife to a virtual hell for nearly 40 years, in the name of service to country, though that may not be a 100% reality. Now, a retired teacher, she, according to media, is cooking food for her armed guards, who were surrounding her as security provided by the Govt. as PM's wife. Her sister was reported to be making beds to the armed guards to sleep.

The world would not have known that our beloved Prime Minister had a wife and that he was not a bachelor, but for a Supreme Court decision relating to marital status disclosures in election nomination papers.

Why does not Mr. Narendra (same name as your Hero Vivekananda) Modi allow his wife Ms. Jashoda Ben, to speak to media at least once in three months?

Your surname indicates that you may know Telugu language. If I am correct, I welcome you to read my Telugu blog