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Somdatta Bhattacharya said... on Jan. 18, 2008.
Dear multisubj yb,
Thanks a lot for pointing out this letter of Swamiji. Now we can be certain that he was a normal human being after all and not the heartless monster that some people make him out to be. Don't you think after all he did for the benefit of mankind that he was entitled to his share of fun? And mind you, despite all this he lost none of his powers, for it was possibly around the same time that he demonstrated the incredible feat of memorizing the first 11 volumes of the Britannica. So go on digging up all the sleaze, its only going to add to his glory, for how many people do you find accomplishing such tremendous feats without forsaking their sense of fun? Yeah, he had taken the vows of a Sanyasin and that you are going to say precluded him from such indulgements, but for me, after what he had done, Swamiji had transcended those vows, for he had achieved whatever those vows are meant for.
So keep up the good work.

Somdatta Bhattacharya said... on Jan. 18, 2008.
Dear multisubj yb,
I have been mistaken in my earlier comment. I learned just now that Christina Greenstidel was none other than Sister Christine and Swamiji looked upon her as his daughter. So this letter of his was merely inquiring after whether she had put on some weight, for she was really emaciated and Swamiji was concerned about that. So please don't dig up sleaze where there is none and I am sure if you published the entire letter it would be self-evident that there was nothing wrong.


Thank you friend.
I wrote a detailed reply for your comment No. 1 at your blogpost The Toeprint - Shri Somdatta Bhattacharya's blog. But my reply in your post disappeared because you seem to have deleted your ' My comment too got deleted, resulting in waste of about one hour's time in CyberCafe and Rs. 15/-. I do not mind loss of money though money is valuable, but time is important. Now I pray that you will see my reply blog post which will be posted on 21.1.2008.

Reply to your Comment No. 2:
About father-daughter relationship:
Father- daughter relationship seems to have existed between Nivedita (Margaret Noble) and Vivekananda.

Relationship between Christina and Vivekananda:
Nowhere in my 128 blogs written so far, I made an express/implied mention: that there is a sexual relationship between Vivekananda and Christina. The word 'Sister...' appearing in Vivekananda's letters to American women devotees seems to have been added by his sect members who published his Complete Works. Vivekananda used the word 'sister' in some of his letters addressed to Hale Sisters. Nowhere we can find him using the word 'sister or daughter' in letters addressed to Christina. Any way, do brothers and sisters or fathers and daughters, who follow Hindu ascetic monk practices use phrases like "hot time in this old town"? Even householders like us, we do not use such phrases between brothers and sisters or fathers and daughters in our homes. Swamiji wrote about wasting of time by Bengali poets and fired them for wasting their time. He himself wrote love poem and sent to Ms. Christina. Now spending hours looking at photos to find out whether a person became fat or lean, is it waste or not?

Nivedita was given monkhood, and her name was changed. She wore ochre-robes. There are two views about giving of monkhood to Ms. Christina. She does not seem to have been given monkhood, at least as per his Complete Works.

Now, pl. write your comment why it will be a necessary for a monk to sign a document and send it to a female devotee asking her to countersign it, as 'Miss' because he wrote her name as 'Miss' (instead of Mrs. presumably). Why portions were excised from that covering letter of his letter addressed to Ms. Christina? Do Christina and Vivekananda have property transactions? What type of document could this have been? Will the Communication Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh help in tracing out this document, just as he promised to trace out the grammaphone records of Vivekananda's speeches lost in Mysore Maharaja's Palace?

I appeal to you not to use terms like 'sleaze' while referring to respectable monks persons like Vivekananda. Sleaze means: 'a contemptible or vulgar person or a vulgar behavior' according to dictionary.
In fact, after going home day before yesterday, I felt sad having used the compound-word 'weight-lifter' for Vivekananda. The word I used as an 'irony' and resentment against admirers calling him uplifter of Nation. Anyway, I withdraw my word.
Thanks. Without malice to you and Vivekananda.

Finally: PL. read all my blogposts here and compare them with his Complete Works. Let us find out the truth. Nothing beyond that. Pl. help me to close this work.

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