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Reply to the following line of comment by Shri Somdatta Bhattacharya

"... rather than his letters many of which seem to have been written with a great deal of frivolity ("hot time in this old town") which tends to get misinterpreted. ..."


1. In the letter of Sept. 2, 1901 which contained the phrase 'hot time in this old town', you can find the following paragraphs:

"How I wish you were here to taste our shads — one of the most delicate fish in the world. It is raining outside — pouring. But the moment this downpour ceases, I rain through every pore — it is so hot yet. My whole body is covered by big patches of prickly heat. Thank goodness there are no ladies about! If I had to cover myself in this state of things, I surely would go crazy.

I have also my theme, but I am not despondent. I am sure very soon to pan it out into a beautiful ecstasy [excision]. I am half crazy by nature; then my overtaxed nerves make me outrageous now and then. As a result I don't find anybody who would patiently bear with me! I am trying my best to make myself gentle as a lamb. I hope I shall succeed in some birth. You are so gentle. Sometimes I did frighten you very much, did I not, Christina? I wish I were as gentle as you are. Mother knows which is best. ..."

1. Why there is an excision, where there is a reference to beautiful ecstasy?
2. What are these 'half craze and over-taxed nerves'?
3. Why should Swamiji frighten Ms. Christina?
4. Why Swamiji wants to be like a lamb?
5. Why should Swamiji thank goodness if there are no ladies about?

Here it is worthwhile to quote Bhartrihari's Vairagya Satakam verse No. 92 :

Brahmaamd`a mamd`alii maatram
kim lobhaaya manasvinaha;
s`apharii sphuritee naabdheeh
kshubdhoo na khalu jaayatee.
If a female fish dances and leaps in an Ocean, the Ocean does not get tumultous. The mind of an ascetic in Union does not quiver even if the Universe were accrue to him.

Verse No. 66 is also relevant:

Agree giitam, sarasa kavayaha,
paars`vayoor daakshin`aatyaha,
pas`caal liilaavalaya ran`itam
caamara graahin`iinaam,
yadi asti eevaa kuru bhava
rasaasvaadanee lampat`atvam
no ceet ceetaha pravis`a
sahasaa nirvikalpee samaadhau.
The poet offers two choices to his mind. He tells his mind: '1. If you have sweet music before you, connoisseure southern poets on two sides, the bangle sounds of fanning women behind, become an enjoyer of the juices of mundane pleasures. 2. Else, enter the State of Deep Meditation without delay.'

Therefore, there is no need for Swamiji to become like a lamb or get overtaxed nerves.
(With no malice to Swami Vivekananda or his sectarians. Swamiji himself was very fond of quoting Bhartruhari.).

(More replies will be given on the word 'frivolous'. Gnaana Yooga will also be covered extensively.

In the meantime, I request Shri Bhattacharya to read all the posts made here from 1 to 132. Thanks.

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