Thursday, February 21, 2008


"... In later days the Swami delighted to describe himself as 'Swamiji's Butler.' That also was true to the very letter. The Swami was a cook of the very first order. His purity, neatness and cleanliness were unsurpassed. Often, therefore, he cooked for the leader who greatly relished his dishes. Once the leader was put on diet by the doctor. He was to take only a prescribed quantity of meat. That much was prepared and was served by the Swami. But the preparation had been so nice and tasty that the leader like a veritable child, said: 'Tulasi, just one piece more, won't you? 'The leader was so persuasive that the Swami had not the heart to refuse him. He gave one more piece. When the leader had enjoyed it, like a born actor, he turned round and asked vehemently: "when the doctor has prescribed the diet, how could you violate it and over-feed me?" Nothing daunted the Swami retorted: "When he who has the universe under his thumb becomes a supplicant for a piece of meat who would refuse him?" There was hearty laughter over it. Another time the leader decided to go to Darjiling with nine or ten followers. At about 9 A M., the leader informed his 'butler' that they would start at 10 A. M. To prepare meals for the great Swamiji and party of ten in an hour's time! The Swami was equal to the occasion. In a few minutes he had nine or ten stoves burning, in an hour he had a number of dishes well cooked and served. ..."

The above is a quote from the Life and Teachings of Swami Nirmalanda, Chapter VII. In the above quote, Swami was Nirmalananda. The leader was Swami Vivekananda.

What we can see:
1. Leader's gluttony.
2. How unsafe animals can be under a person who has THE UNIVERSE UNDER HIS THUMB. Goats and sheep should search for THUMBS of SWAMIJIS and try to escape from them!.
3. How disciples are used as just butlers rather than learners!
4. When a person takes vows of monkhood, a sacrifice called "Viraja homam" is performed. In the sacrifice, sacred mantras are uttered giving assurance of safety and fearlessness to all beings, who were only manifestations of his own Self.
5. Hum! what a great assurance to all beings!

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