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Shri Ramakrishna (was reported to have) said in his 'Gospel of Shri Ramakrishna', Volume 1, "The Master and Vijay Goswami".

"One must admit the existence of tendencies inherited from previous births. There is a story about a man who practised the sava-sadhana. (A religious practice prescribed by the Tantra, in which the aspirant uses a sava, or corpse, as his seat for meditation.) He worshipped the Divine Mother in a deep forest. First he saw many terrible visions. Finally a tiger attacked and killed him. Another man, happening to pass and seeing the approach of the tiger, had climbed a tree. Afterwards he got down and found all the arrangements for worship at hand. He performed some purifying ceremonies and seated himself on the corpse. No sooner had he done a little japa than the Divine Mother appeared before him and said: 'My child, I am very much pleased with you. Accept a boon from Me.' He bowed low at the Lotus Feet of the Goddess and said: 'May I ask You one question, Mother? I am speechless with amazement at Your action. The other man worked so hard to get the ingredients for Your worship and tried to propitiate You for such a long time, but You didn't condescend to show him Your favour. And I, who don't know anything of worship, who have done nothing, who have neither devotion nor knowledge nor love, and who haven't practised any austerities, am receiving so much of Your grace.' The Divine Mother said with a laugh; 'My child, you don't remember your previous births. For many births you tried to propitiate Me through austerities. As a result of those austerities all these things have come to hand, and you have been blessed with My vision. Now ask Me your boon.'"

1. Ramakrishna believed in rebirth. By using the phrase 'must admit', he spread the message that tendencies are carried forward from birth.

2. By telling that the Divine Mother appeared to the second man, Shri Ramakrishna is supporting "sava sadhana" (pronunciation: s`ava saadhana) i.e. meditating sitting on corpses.

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Pujari Ankur said...

Sorry i cant anymore resist , ha ha First of all u want to express ur absurd opinions about Great Saints of our Land and atleast for that u need to accept the Spiritual Authorities of our Land.
The Main Set for the Vedanta is considered to be Prasthanatraya i.e., Brahma Sutras of Shri Vyasa Maharshi, Upanishada (Dnyan Portion of the Eternal Vedas) and Bhagvad Gita. The Concept of Rebirth is not introduced bu Shri Ramakrishna its in our Vedas and Upanishads.
In Bhagvad Gita the Lord Clarifies about the Spiritual Progress of an Individual. He Explains to Arjuna (who can be considered as a deluded Soul like U and Me that) various paths for Self Realization vizz Karma,Bhakti,Raja and Jnana Yogas. In the Meanwhile Arjun asks Shri Krishna about what happens to the Progress of an Individual who was on the Path of Realization but got distracted and hence couldnt continue his Sadhana.(which may be the case with u and me , coz we are debating about Gr8 Persons which is nothing but Delusion)
Shri Krishna clarifies that the One on the Path of Realization can never meet with Bad ends and says that Such Souls who fail on their path will after death spend time with Holy Souls and take birth in the House of Yogis and ill get good Holy Co. and after attaining some maturity he will naturally get on his Path with his Previous Births Sadhana as Base.

That is what Shri Ramkrishna said here with an eg. so that NORMAL men like u n me understand it.

and then hey what if one Meditates sitting on corpse or sitting on Golden Chair. ha ha what matters is u should meditate sincerely.

After reading some posts by u i thought though not completely i should accept some of ur points but after this one i can surely say that u dont even know the BASICS OF OUR SANATANA DHARMA. so its useless to get in with u. anyway instead of ur Sincere efforts on these topics start up ur Sadhana as it pleases u then u will know Swami Vivekananda was something even more than PARAMAHAMSA.

you say that swamiji mit have himself introduced as Paramahamsa at the Place of Pavhari Baba. but u didnt even care to think the other way round. It may be like this The Local ppl thr looked highly about pavhari baba and the Baba himself had a Photo of Shri Ramakrishna on his Wall. And My Swamiji was the One whom even Shri Ramakrishna was fond of. So its easy to know that the ppl thr demslvs startd calling swamiji as Paramahamsa seeing his Tej and Vairagya.
anyway try to delete off this Funny Blog and spare ur time in reading Good Works.

Shri Gurudeva Datt !