Thursday, March 20, 2008


Quote from a Reminiscence of Shri A. Srinivasa Pai:

"... The late Dewan Bahadur R. Raghunatha Rao and a number of other social reformers including my old Assistant Professor of history, the late Mr. A. Subba Rao (a sturdy social reformer and agnostic) used to attend. Some of the social reformers were snubbed by the Swami and their views and methods criticized. Once when Mr. A. Subba Rao spoke rather disparagingly of the thinking power and views of our old rishis, the Swami remarked that Mr. Subba Rao could have no idea of the power of intense meditation which the rishi had acquired through long self discipline, and added. "You will be burnt to ashes if you think for half a minute like them." ..."

1. Why Vivekananda was threatening the poor Professor of History?
2. Nobody would be burnt to ashes, by meditation, intense or otherwise.
3. Vivekananda did not make any Para kaaya pravees1a (Entering into the bodies of others), to study how sages thought while meditating.
4. Why was Vivekananda not burnt to ashes, though he meditated? His meditation was not intense? Why was Shri Ramakrishna not burnt to ashes? His meditation also was not intense?


bhattathiri said...

The American justice Dept. have recently approved the power of yoga and meditation vide a recent judgement in the American court." Man Who Slapped Wife Sentenced to Yoga, It's Anger Management, Says Judge." First there was house arrest. Now there's yoga. A judge ordered a man convicted of slapping his wife to take a yoga class as part of his one-year probation. "It's part of anger management," County Criminal Court at Law Judge Larry Standley said of the ancient Hindu philosophy of exercise and well-being. "For people who are into it, it really calms them down. " Standley, a former prosecutor, said the case of James Lee Cross was unique. Cross, a 53-year-old car salesman from Tomball, explained that his wife was struggling with a substance abuse problem and that he struck her on New Year's Eve during an argument about her drinking. "He was trying to get a hold of her because she has a problem," Standley said after the court hearing. "I thought this would help him realize that he only has control over himself." The sentence came as a surprise to Cross, who was told to enroll in a class and report back to Standley on his progress. "I'm not very familiar with it," Cross said of yoga. "From what I understand, it may help in a couple ways, not only as far as mentally settling, but maybe a little weight loss." Darla Magee, an instructor at Yoga Body Houston in River Oaks, said she would recommend that Cross take a basic yoga class emphasizing breathing and including a variety of postures -- forward bends, back bends and twists. "Yoga can help us to get rid of many emotional issues we might have," she said. "It's a spiritual cleanse." Prosecutor Lincoln Goodwin agreed to a sentence of probation without jail time because Cross had no significant criminal history
Yoga which is one of the greatest Indian contribution to the world has got vast potential in all fields. In Tihar jail India Yoga is experimented among the inmates and found successful. Their criminal mentality is changed. This study aimed at investigating the effect of Vipassana Meditation (VM) on Quality of Life (QOL), Subjective Well-Being (SWB), and Criminal Propensity (CP) among inmates of Tihar Jail, Delhi. To this effect the following hypotheses were formulated. 1. There will be a significant positive effect of VM on the QOL of inmates of Tihar jail. 2. VM will have a positive and significant effect on SWB of inmates. 3. Criminal propensity (CP) of inmates will decrease significantly after attending the VM course. 4. There will be significant difference in SWB and CP of experimental (Vipassana) group and control (non-Vipassana) group. 5. Male and female inmates will differ significantly in SWB and CP, as a result of VM. In the famous "Time" magazine the importance meditation and yoga, an ancient Indian system, is high-lighted that the ancient mind- and spirit-enhancing art is becoming increasingly popular and gaining medical legitimacy. It is a multi billion dollar business in US. In many Universities it is accepted as subject and included in the Syllabus. In the latest famous book "Inspire! What Great Leaders Do" written by Mr.Lance Secretan recently published by John Wiley and sons, the benefit of meditation is elaborately described for good corporate governance. By practicing transcendental meditation, or TM, many people have got relief from back pain, neck pain, depression. The mind calms and quiets, . What thoughts you have during meditation become clearer, more focused. Anger, anxiety and worries give way to a peace. In the world exorbitant medical expenses one can definitely make use of meditation. Maharshi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Ravi Sankar are popularizing this. The Iyengar Yoga institute in US is famous. Food habits should be to keep mind and body in pace. one can get more than enough protein and other essential nutrients by eating a balanced vegetarian diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, dairy products, nuts and seeds. A vegan diet (without dairy products) is also adequate, as long as you eat enough protein-rich wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds. In any case, your body will "tell" you what you need to eat. If you have a particular craving for any type of food, it may mean

Multisubj Yb TruthSeeker said...

Thank u friend: Whenever anything is converted into a money spinner, benefits are shown under a magnifiying glass, disproportionate to the real benefits. About the anger management of Indian rishis:

1. Vasishta cursed the Ikshvaku King Kalmashapada to become a demon, simply because the Rishi suspected that there was human flesh mixed up in his food. He did not bother to verify whether Kalmashapada was really guilty or not.
2. Bhrigu kicked Vishnu on his chest, because Vishnu did not attend to the rishi.

3. Durvasa cursed Ambarisha because he took a little water, without waiting for the rishi.

4. Udanka cursed the King Paushya, because there was a hair in the food served to him.

5. Gautama cursed his wife to become a stone, without realising that Indra was the real culprit.

6. Sanaka Sanandanas cursed Jaya and Vijayas to become demons for three births, because they did their duty of not gatekeeping.

7. Siva beheaded Vinayaka with his trisulam because he obstructed Siva's entry to reach Parvati.

8. Lord Krishna wanted to kill Gaya because a spit of pawn leaves fell in Krishna's hands.

9. Rama wanted to kill Yayati because Visvamitra wanted it.

10. Rama killed Sambuka without any enquiry because a Sudra did penance resulting in death of a Brahmin's son.

11. Jamadagni asked Parasu Rama to kill his mother, suspecting her fidelity.

Yoga has become a fad in the West. This types of fads take place real deep searches are not made. I do not want to belittle the benefits of Yoga. They need to be investigated and proven scientifically. We have to, in the meantime, view at Yoga dispassionately.
The same is the case with homoeopathy. Hahneman attributed curative powers to the potencies made by him, claiming that potencies are born from nothing. The Government of India and the State Govts. established numerous medical Colleges and hospitals, spending crores of Rupees every year. This is a world of fads.
About Homoeopathy's failure, you may like to read: