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Swami Vivekananda wrote to Prof. John Henry Wright, Professor of Greek at Harvard University, from US, on June 18, 1894:

... I do not know whether I will come to Annisquam or not. The letters need not be sent over to me until I write you again. Mrs. Bagley seems to be unsettled by that article in the Boston paper against me ...

When several newspaper clippings and articles were published, why this article in the Boston paper against him had not been published by anybody? Why did the article unsettle Mrs. Bagley?

(Mrs. Bagley was wife of former Michigan Governor. Swamiji was her guest for sometime. It appears that the Boston paper and another Indian Newspaper published about an incident in which Swamiji was involved in an indecent behavior with a servant maid, while staying at the house of Mrs. Bagley and that the servant maid was sacked. It appears that somebody had sent a copy of the article to Mrs. Bantley, which unsettled her. The publisher of the Indian newspaper seems to have been influenced by Prof. P.C. Mazoomdar, whom Swamiji called 'being jealous of his successes' Then, the Boston paper cannot be jealous, but might have received its feed from Christian Missionaries. This Missionary cannot be Rev. Barrows of the World Parliament of Religions fame, because till 1897 the relations between Swamiji and Rev. Barrows did not sour.)

The incident may be true or a slander. But, since the incident, Mrs. Bantley lost touch with Swamiji. Prof. Wright also lost touch with Swamiji. After the June 18, 1894 letter, Swamiji wrote two more letters to Prof. Wright, one enquirising about Greek philosophy and another condoling the death of his daughter. There is no indication of Prof. Wright replying to any of the three letters.

The complete truth of Mrs. Bagley's house incident can come out only if all the relevant papers are published. This may never take place. The Mrs. Bagley House incident will remain a buried truth.

*Why Wright didn't reply to Swamiji?
*If he had replied, where are the letters?

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