Sunday, May 11, 2008


Swami Vivekananda wrote to Mrs. Ole Bull from San Francisco March 7, 1900:

"... The thousand dollars I have in New York will bring Rs. 9 a month; then I bought for her a bit of land which will bring about Rs. 6; and her old house — that will bring, say, Rs. 6. I leave the house under litigation out of consideration, as I have not got it. Myself, my mother, my grandmother, and my brother will live on Rs. 20 a month easy. ..."

In just about 4 years Swamiji drifted down from "million times nobler, electric fan and batter etc. talk" to living with Rs. 20 a month.
*After returning to India in 1900, till his death in 1902 July, where did he live? He stayed in the Belur Monastery in a cushy furnished room eating turtles and shad fish and inviting foreigners to taste them.
*Why did not he go to his biological mother's old house using the Rs. 20 a month?

*In this pitiable condition also in 1901, he sent $480 to Ms. Christina Greenstidel, requesting her to travel to India first class or spend the amount as she liked.

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