Tuesday, May 13, 2008


In his book "East and West, chapter 3: Food and Cooking" Swamiji discusses about the diabetes. He exorts people to throw away sweat-meats.

"...That we have so many cases of diabetes in India is chiefly due to indigestion; of course there are solitary instances in which excessive brain work is the cause, but with the majority it is indigestion. Pot-belly is the foremost sign of indigestion. Does eating mean stuffing oneself? That much which one can assimilate is proper food for one. Growing thin or fat is equally due to indigestion. Do not give yourself up as lost because some symptoms of diabetes are noticeable in you; those are nothing in our country anti should not be taken seriously into account. Only, pay more attention to your diet so that you may avoid indigestion. ..."

"... The sweets-vendor's shop is Death's door. In hot countries, the less oil and clarified butter (ghee) taken the better. Butter is more easily digested than ghee. ..."

"...What wonder is there that they die prematurely of dyspepsia! If you are hungry, throw away all sweets and things fried in ghee into the ditch, and buy a pice worth of Moorhi (popped rice) — that will be cheaper and more nutritious food. ... " b>

*Who died prematurely of dyspepsia? - Ans: Swami Vivekananda.
*Did Swamiji throw away his barfi?
*Did Swamiji eat popped rice (moorhi)?
*Did n't Swamiji panick and rush to US, when he found some symptoms of diabetes?

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