Friday, May 16, 2008

#169, My misery is my brothers, sisters and mother

Swami Vivekananda wrote to Ms. Mary Hale in 1897:

"... I wish I had nobody to love, and I were an orphan in my childhood. The greatest misery in my life has been my own people — my brothers and sisters and mother etc. Relatives are like deadly clogs to one's progress, ..."

*Should he tell it to foreign ladies?

*Sister and mother may be clogs. But aunt and cousin are not. Vivekananda does not hesitate to mobilise funds for his cousin, aunt et al. quote: He wrote to Ms. Ole Bull from San Francisco on the 18th May 1900:

"...Mrs. [James Henry] Sevier gave me 6,000 Rs. for family — this was distributed between my cousin, aunt, etc. The 5,000 Rs. for buying the house was borrowed from the Math funds. Do not stop the remittance you send to my cousin, whatever Saradananda may say to the contrary. Of course I do not know what he says...."

*The second visit to US was for mobilising funds for his personal expenses and for his aunts, cousins etc.

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