Tuesday, May 20, 2008

#174, Why can't they exert themselves and earn more

Swami Vivekananda's comment on Bengalees:

"...Why can't they exert themselves and earn more to keep up their standard of food? But no! They must go to their local Add`aas (rendezvous) and idle hours away! Oh, if they only knew how they wasted their time! ..."

*How many Bengalees went to Addas?
*Only monks and foreign nationals have a right to waste time?
*See the blog post on "Having hot time in this old town".
*See the post on looking at photos of foreign ladies.
*See the post on writing poem and sending to th Countess of Sandwich.
*See the post on teaching 'ohm' to inebriated women at Ridgely Manors resort.
*Did Bengalees really waste their time?

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