Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#177, In this land of Shuka's birth renunciation is looked down upon as madness and sin

Swami Vivekananda wrote to Shri ... (Dear Sir) from Ghazipur on the 21st Jan. 1890:

"... Alas for the irony of our fate, that in this land of Bhagavân Shuka's birth, renunciation is looked down upon as madness and sin! ..."

Swamiji wrote to Alasinga in 1893:
"... For I am very sorry to tell you that I cannot go back at present to Rajputana. It is so very dreadfully hot here already. I do not know how hot it would be at Rajputana, and I cannot bear heat at all. So the next thing, I would do, would be to go back to Bangalore and then to Ootacamund to pass the summer there. My brain boils in heat. ..."

*Did Suka crave for Bangalore and Ooty?
*Gita 12-18: A person should take both head and cold equanimously. (s`iitooshn`a sukha du:kheeshu sama: samgavivarjita).

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