Monday, May 26, 2008

185, I belong as much to India as to the world

Almost all the Political Parties, Preachers, Teachers, Celebrities, Eminent Persons raise Swami Vivekananda as a Great Patriot, National Representative, and National Uplifter of this wretched India. We shall see facts, from the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda wrote to Mr. Alasinga Mudaliar from Paris on Sept. 9, 1895:

"... As for me, mind you, I stand at nobody's dictation. I know my mission in life, and no chauvinism about me; I belong as much to India as to the world, no humbug about that. I have helped you all I could. You must now help yourselves. What country has any special claim on me? Am I any nation's slave? ..."

*Same Swamiji was begging Alasinga on Apr. 9 1894, to 'get hold of big bugs' and get a resolution that Hindu Community of Madras was satisfied with his work. Pl. see proof in post #052.

*In one year what a change!
*Who helped whom? Did Alasinga Mudaliar help Swamiji or did Swamiji help Alasinga?
*Who said that Swamiji was a slave of India? He was a slave of Rajas.
*Did he really belong to the whole world?

*By 1900, how did all this enthusiasm evaporate? By 1900, this enthusiasm evaporated as he could not mobilise sufficient Dollars in USA, during his second Venture. He could not mobilise sufficient number of Americans to subscribe $100 per head, for his support in India. Then he suddenly, realised that he had to go back to the Rotten Corpse (in his own words) i.e. India.

May be there, at least, he will get Shad fish, and Indian Turtles to eat.

What a great patriot, National Representative, and National Uplifter, India produced !!!

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