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#193, Christina- I want to see how much of fat you have accumulated in one year

Swami Vivekananda wrote to Ms. Christina Greenstidel, from Belur Math on the 2nd Sept. 1901:

"...Well now, Christina, send me one of your latest photos next mail, will you? I want to see how much of fat you have accumulated in one year. ...".

*Swamiji begging foreign women for photos!
*Swamiji wants to see how much of fat, a foreign lady has built in one year!
*Some devotees of Swamiji say that the relationship between Swamiji and Ms. Christina is that of father and daughter.
Such devotees have to quote their evidence. I am neutral about relationships, till complete evidence is found.
*Swamiji sent a document to Ms. Christina duly signed by him and asking her to countersign as Miss, as he erroneously wrote her name as Miss (instead of Mrs.). Pl. see post No.... . Some auction house in UK or USA has to auction this document or the RK cult organisations which hold this document in their store houses have to publish it.


Soorya said...

Hre is the whole letter:



2nd September 1901.


I have been looking at one of your old photos — the only one you sent four or five years ago; and then I remember how changed and reduced you looked last summer; and it came to me that you must be awfully thin now, as it seems very hard for you to get rid of anxieties. This is simply foolish. Things will, of course, take their shape. We only make ourselves miserable by moping. It is very hard to manipulate one's philosophy to contribute to one's daily need. So it is with you, as with me. But it is easiest to take the teacher's chair and read a lecture. And that has been my life's business!! Indeed, that is the reason why there are more disciples up to the mark than teachers. The upshot of all this is that you must create a huge appetite, then gorge, then sleep and grow fat, fat, fat. Plump is the English word, is it not?

As for me, I am very happy. Of course, Bengal brings the asthma now and then, but it is getting tame, and the terrible things — Bright's disease and diabetes — have disappeared altogether. Life in any dry climate will stop the asthma completely, I am sure. I get reduced, of course, during a fit, but then it takes me no time to lay on a few layers of fat. I have a lot of cows, goats, a few sheep, dogs, geese, ducks, one tame gazelle, and very soon I am going to have some milk buffaloes. These are not your American bison, but huge things — hairless, half-aquatic in habits, and [that] give an enormous quantity of very rich milk.

Within the last few months, I got two fits [of asthma] by going to two of the dampest hill stations in Bengal — Shillong and Darjeeling. I am not going to try the Bengalee mountains any more.

Mrs. Bull and Nivedita are in Norway. I don't know when they [will] come over to India. Miss MacLeod is in Japan. I have not heard from her [for] a long while. They all are expected here in November, and will have a "hot time in this old town"* etc. I pray you can come, and the Mother will open the door for it. I cannot but say my prayers mostly have been heard, up to date.

Well now, Christina, send me one of your latest photos next mail, will you? I want to see how much of fat you have accumulated in one year.

Anyhow, I will have to go to America with Mrs. Bull, I am sure. [Excision]* By the by, excusez-moi,* our Calcutta is never so hot as your Detroit or New York, with its added advantage — we are not required by our society to wear many things. The old Greeks used to think that wearing too many clothes and [feeling] shame to show any part of the body a peculiarity of barbarians! So the Hindus think, down to the present day. We are the most scantily clothed people in the whole world. Bless the Lord! How one would live otherwise in our climate!

Soorya said...

**** What you see outside is actually what you have inside****
Its sad that you are at a level where you can see only evil in everything. Vivekananda never would stoop to such levels as you interpret him to be :-). He didnt believe in making a show of renunciation of which nobody seems to have a good idea. I have gone through a lot of your posts...and can say only this..i have read through all of his letters previously and most of the reminiscences of him by people who knew him.I didnt feel even the slightest of any such thought as you have come to.You must know that the Swami didnt consider gender while talkin to people, he wouldnt put on hypocritical false faces of paying respects to women by talking to them formally alone. He was broadminded as can be, i am sure you would have used the letters he wrote to Mary hale and Mckindley sisters, had he not signed them as "your ever faithful brother". Whether he considered Christine as his daughter/sister/friend is not of importance. The one thing which strikes one in this letter is that he writes to her in the same way as he would have written has she been a man! Isnt that wonderful same-sightedness? I have always marvelled at the heights of his mind, where you see scorns and scoldings to India i see sincere outbursts from someone who loved India. Scoldings come only from one who loves and not from one who doesnt bother! Who are we to question him, we who havent moved a thumb for our countrymen?

You ought to read Sister Christine's article :
"....Then we found that this man whom we had set up in our minds as an exalted being did not observe the conventions of our code. All fine men reverence womanhood; the higher the type, the greater the reverence. But here was one who gave no heed to the little attentions which ordinary men paid us. We were allowed to climb up and slide down the rocks without an extended arm to help us. When he sensed our feeling, he answered, as he so often did, our unspoken thought. "If you were old or weak or helpless, I should help you. But you are quite able to jump across this brook or climb this path without help. You are as able as I am. Why should I help you? Because you are a woman? That is chivalry, and don't you see that chivalry is only sex? Don't you see what is behind all these attentions from men to women?" Strange as it may seem, with these words came a new idea of what true reverence for womanhood means....."

The swami said once: "What I am is written on my brow. If you can read it you are blessed; if you cannot the loss is yours not mine!" May the lord widen your thoughts! We are all but the manifestations of the same Lord, inspite of all our seeming differences.

Soorya said...

Reading your posts also enlightens me that you know nothing of meditation or what it means, i would say if we dont know or cant understand something we should rather keep our mouths shut...thats the best respect we can pay ourselves. We are always progressing from a lower truth to a higher truth...

Vikram Adithya said...

Surya is correct,

Anyhow just for consideration think that he had a relationship with her then what troubles you..?

Why you are letting out all other good things at the cost on one conspiracy theory which only Vivekananda, Christina & God knows the truth...

If you ask me I don't mind even if that is true all I need is good teachings from him..

Pujari Ankur said...

Completely of the Same opinion of Mr. Surya, who the hell is this Man going on posting Absurd things as if Ppl of the World had asked him a favour by doing this useless work. Hey Surya not just meditation he dont even know that we hindus do believe in Rebirths and is infact the Foundation.
He Talks cheaply about Samadhi to achieve which our Ancient Sages strived like anything and finally passed on the Knowledge through sacred Vedas. This man seems to not even have least respect for these things.
Oh God whats the Situation of this Country today people have dared to speak against these Things and about Gr8 Souls like Swamiji. These will hardly come out of Maya. And without true for God how can these men cross the Ocean of Samsara.

Punarapi Jananam Punarapi Maranam Punarapi Janani Jathare Shayanam.

Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam Moooodhamatee !