Wednesday, October 15, 2008

#202 Last Post (Concluding Remarks)

This 200th is my last blog post.

I am on a fact-find mission. But some readers have started thinking that I have launched a vilification campaign.

I have decided to read all the posts again and correct them wherever necessary, particularly wherever I am harsh to Vivekananda.

Those who have already completed reading all the 200 posts, may have to refer to them now and then, so that they can see the latest reviews and fresh proof if any traced.

Bye for the time being, with malice to nobody.


Anonymous said...

i love you, not because i agree with what you say, but because my guru has taught me to love even those who are against your opinions, for all are the same lord...

let us all strive towards the same goal, varied and crooked though the different paths may seem all lead to the great Lord.

Anonymous said...

May god enlighten you