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Shri Kunal said:

Good job mate. I see it took u 30 yrs to finally figure out that vivekananda was all crap and now u painfully pick lines from his Complete Works to prove ur point. Now that's hardwork. Don't know how many hungry people it has helped in feeding though as u claim the goal of life should be. Well, vivekananda lived for 39 yrs only and if u think he did nothing in all those yrs than waste everybody's time then probably u could have set a better example rather than wasting ur life in trying to analyse what all somebody did not do. As for me, i too have read his Complete Works and they have been an inspiration for life. Replies welcome but pls don't highlight anything from his works. That looks boring.

November 7, 2009 10:56 AM

More than 200,000 netizens highlight the rarely-practised hypetalk of Vivekananda and the readers do not feel bored. How is it that one man quotes from the same Complete Works of Vivekananda, and people get bored? Are unpalatable truths, boring?

What is not a waste in life?

Boozing? Searching for shad fish and turtles and inviting foreign women to share them? Discussing which color American turtles have and the Indian turtles do not have? Sitting in meditational postures on tiger skins and gratifying Westerners?

Swami Vivekananda wrote to the Raja of Khetri from Almora, on June 9, 1898:

" ... I want a couple of tiger skins, if I can, to be sent to the Math as presents to two European friends. These seem to be most gratifying presents to Westerners. ... "

Is it not disgusting to find a Swami begging kings for tiger skins, to gift to European friends? Why did the European friends ask for tiger skins? They cannot be aware that some ghastly Indians sit on tiger-skins to get hallucinations of "atma". Did Swamiji tell them that tiger-skins promote good meditation? What might have been the consequence of this request by Swamiji? Khetri ruler might have sent his men with guns on a hunting expedition. What did Swamiji intend to do? Present the tiger skins to the Europeans and collect money from them?

These things were not a thing of the bygone era. Satya Sai Baba presents a diamond ring to the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister. Kanchi Math Head (Jayendra Saraswati?) presents a chain of nine gems (nava ratna maala) to the same A.P. Chief Minister. Presenting something and seeking something else in return i.e. quid pro quo is a dirty custom practised at places of worship in all religions.

About serving the poor: I did not say anywhere that the institutions started by Vivekananda or his brother disciples / his disciples did not serve the poor. Nowhere did I belittle benevolence.

Example: In 1898 an orphanage started by the followers of Vivekananda was begging foreigners for donations. In 2009 also, the same begging continues. Charity only diverts the attention of the society from the severity of the problem. Charity, like Zandu balm, howsoever "Maha" it may be has only temporary and limited uses.

Charitable institutions which survive on foreign donations and Governmental grants do not solve the problem of poverty. Some of them, even turn out to be white elephants, building granite and marble panelled walls, and air-conditioned bed rooms, their preachers flying in planes. You can see how Satya Sai Baba uses own/chartered planes. Praful Patel and Ashok Chauhan visit him on special planes at Government expense.

A drastic restructuring of the economy and the society is necessary for bringing an egalitarian society which provides equal opportunities. When an Indian is born, whether it is Mr. Mukhesh Ambani or Rahul Gandhi or Mr. XYZ, they should have an equal level playground and start at the same starting line.

My friend please finally note: True history cannot be built from hagiographies. Nor Nations can be rejuvenated from fierce oration and the consequent hagiographies. There is much more beyond hagiographical deifications.
Note: I may correct this reply in future, if the views expressed herein hurt sentiments of readers. This applies to all my posts.

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