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April 28, 2010 4:33 PM
balaji said...
Why dont u dare to talk about Quran and Bible why do u talk only about Hinduism.. why dont u speak about that If u have the real guts my friend..dont jus speak about one religion if ur idealogy is common then apply to all religions if u are speaking only about hinduism then ur idealogy is not common its only a Anti-Hindu idealogy do u understand!!!!!
What service have u done to world dont just sit and speak as if u can question anything and everything...
Dear Shri Balaji garu:

It appears that you have not seen my reply already given to you for not washing the dirty linen of Quran and Bible. This reply you can find at my blog post No. #001A at The same will hold good here.

I am quoting here that reply:

*I am a born Hindu.
*I have not left Hinduism.
*I have not left Hinduism because other religions too have their own shortcomings. Changing a religion is like dropping a stone from your back and loading it with another stone.
*Hinduism evolved over Centuries with discussions on philosophical matters. It is not a religion preached by one man.

*One can criticise one's own religion. -- A person has a duty and a right to clean his own house. This right and duty have a boundary: This is to be done without hurting the sentiments of others of the same religion. I believe that I am doing my duty and exercising my rights within these limits.

*We cannot keep our homes dirty, because others are keeping their houses dirty.

*One can criticize other religions only to the extent permitted by the other religions.

*Studying Hindu philosophy itself takes several years.

*I have not studied in depth the philosophies and theologies of other religions.

*The practitioners and scholars of other religions have a duty and right to check up their religions as to whether they contain cruel and inhuman elements such as burqa. The Governments of the respective countries have a duty and right to correct the malpractices prevailing in their countries.

*Others can also help in the process, if there is a tolerant climate.

I have to add something more to this reply. I shall do it shortly.

Important: I am not incorrigible. I am quite flexible. I shall definitely change my outlook, if you show strong proof, other than banging me.


This question was already raised by one reader. I have already replied it at this blog itself. Kindly read it. I do not want to use this blog for self-praise. I wish to say onething clear: Doing one's own duty and treating work as worship, is the greatest service a person can do to the world.

Service to the world does not lie ONLY IN CHARITY. First of all, everybody has to work for his livelihood. A self-respecting human, particularly Indian, more particularly Hindu, cannot beg high class foreign women to mobilise few dollars as personal fund as Vivekananda had done. Suppose you mobilise 100 Dollars as charity and spend 90 dollars on air fare, furniture, marble panels, granite panels, and throw the remaining 10 dollars to the poor, it will not become any service. For the 90 dollars, the institutions become parasites on the society.

If a cooly earns Rs. 100, spends Rs. 75 on his family and spends Rs. 25 on a really needy person or a just cause, he will be doing greater service than your preaching monks, 90% of who are shy of working for their livelihood. Monkhood will be better if it becomes a part time occupation.

The problems of Indian poor, do not have any religion or caste. Poverty is a serious problem of people of all religions and castes. For that, solution is not charity. The solution is redistribution of income and welath. We have to remove private property. Everybody has to contribute to the society according to his ability and draw from the society according to his genuine needs. This we have to without hurting the human rights of freedom of speech, movement, occupation to the extent possible, etc.


balaji said...

Hii brother I understand that u need clarification and your knowledge in sanskrit is really great I have never seen such a person who has done so much of work to understand the meaning of each sloka.I want to tell u one thing as u know hinduism is religion where we have multiple gods the same way we have multiple religions.A hindu accepts any form of god(even gods from other religions) because his mind is so open and he understands all paths leads to same point.As u say every one needs to clarify their own religion why dont u clarify other religions too.Because when we seek clarification in our religion the other religious people(After seeing our pro's and con's about our religion) may think as if their religion is doing the right thing.They may even spread wrong words about our religion without knowing it the end this may pave the way for creating a bad name against hinduism.Please try to understand and think about this point.Sorry If I have been harsh in my previous comments.

Jerly said...

HI. Just was looking up a long back comment and thought about visiting your site. I am amazed to see so much of critical excnhanges in a blog! It does seem you are a bit frustrated with religion. I wish you would read my whole blog labels(the Thomases' Road to realization)These are 12 posts and I have a feeling it should help u.