Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#001C Replies to Comments of Ms. Jerly

Jerly said...
HI. Just was looking up a long back comment and thought about visiting your site. I am amazed to see so much of critical excnhanges in a blog! It does seem you are a bit frustrated with religion. I wish you would read my whole blog labels(the Thomases' Road to realization)These are 12 posts and I have a feeling it should help u.
May 22, 2010 6:42 PM

* I am not frustrated with my birth religion or any other religion.
* Critical exchanges become natural , when we go for facts.
* Nothing wrong went with religion as long as it was intended for 'searching for the secrets of this creation and Universe; as long as it was confined to questions such as :

-- Who am I ?
-- Why am I here on this Earth ?

There were superstitions and some futile worship with animal sacrifices. But there was not much exploitation or cruelty.

*The problem started when religion wanted to share power with the State.
*The problem started when some religions wanted that everybody on this Earth should shift to their religion. This is the root of proseylitization.

*The problem started when within the religion, the preachers and self-styled heads started exercising undue dominance on individuals and making them blind followers.

The essential questions which an individual has to seek and find answers for his peace and, the peace of the society, went into oblivion, and useless prayers and rituals have taken their place. These are the questions :

-- What is the relationship between/among me, my parents, family, relatives, friends and the society?
-- Why are so many millions suffering from poverty and disease?
-- Will it be sufficient if I have my food , clothing, shelter, oldage security, some comforts and some luxuries?
-- Are others not entitled to them?
-- What prevents others from having access to them?
-- Has religion a part in the oppression administered to vulnerable sections?
-- Why cannot all the people live with near-equal prosperity and well-being?
-- Why some people have to slog and why some people slug?

We can find answers for most of these questions by adopting a scientific approach. Probably Marxism can partly answer some of these questions.

Money and Religions have become superlords of individual citizens, bossing over them. I believe, personally, that preachers of all religions, have taken up the profession for belly-filling and for satisfying their needs. They cannot properly fit into a society because they lack aptitude, diligence, skills and cannot undertake at least a part-time job/occupation for their belly-filling and consequently they live the lives of parasites.

The difference between a road-side mendicant and the well-dressed, authority claiming and staff-wielding (baton of authority) preacher is the mendicant self-effaces whereas a pontiff bosses over others.

About your blog and book
I have visited your blog and seen some posts. I could not get the URL for the book. From the contents of your blog, I can imagine what your book is about. It seems to be some Christian Publicity material suggesting how some people found protection in Jesus Christ.

I must say that Jesus Christ or any other son/relative of God or demy God cannot save the poor in this world, whether such poor are Christians or otherwise. There is no other world like hell or heaven or judgement. The poor undergo their miseries on this Earth only.

Proof for saying that Jesus cannot do anything: European merchants sold blacks as slaves in Europe and America. The Churches instead of frowning at them and correcting them, became wealthy by supporting them. The Church did not persuade the British not to colonise India and rob them. The Churches did not plead with the French and Spanish to stop their atrocities in Africa and South America. All these centuries they have been, and even now they are engaged in proseylitizing (converting) with the help of the same demons.

Your blogs also seem to be of that genre. They seem to lack genuineness or courageousness in seeking truth. Anyway, I respect your opinion. But, no proseylitization please.

The comforts we are enjoying today are facilitated by the science. The industry and trade too has played a great role in bringing the scientific discoveries and inventions to our households. The problem which causes us anxieties of recession/depression/deflation and unemployment has arisen owing to greedy financiers and businessmen. Science and the Earth are suffering from the greed of Commerce. The State has become a handmaid of the Commerce and is neglecting science, engineering and technology, particuarly that which benefits the mankind and the poor. What role the religions are playing in this chaotic melu? A little charity, with huge costs of intermediation.

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