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May 12, 2009 10:00 AM
Bhimashankar said...

you are a missionary man.

I believe that you are calling me a Christian missionary.

I assure you, sir, that I am not a Christian missionary.

I support , as on date, atheism and Marxism. I am not going to be an adamant, and obstinate blind atheist or Marxist. We can always reexamine our thought processes whenever fresh evidence is available.

I am aware that Christian missionaries are creating havoc in India by their reckless abuse of Hindu Gods. But, how you will you respond to it? I shall suggest, that this can be done efficiently by cleansing Hinduism.

Vivekananda made a facade of supporting the cause of Hinduism by taking up some lecturing and charity work. But, he ended up as a beggar before the houses of American aristocratic women, mobilising a few bucks for his own personal maintenance.

Just as Christian monks (Fathers, Bishops and Pastors etc.) cannot cleanse Christianity, Hindu monks, swamis, anandas, saraswatis, bharatis cannot cleanse Hinduism. My friend, please note, I am not on a job of cleansing Hinduism. This is to be done by every Hindu both poor and rich. Hindus are , at present, more enamored with cricket and Shirdi Sai Baba.

My mission at this blog : Provide facts, to the best of my ability. Express my ideas dispassionately. I do not mind revising these ideas, when you come forward with fresh ideas.

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