Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vivek Express is wasteful

The Government of India, Ministry of Railways, have introduced "Vivekananda Exhibition" on three trains.

Ms.Mamata Banerjee has inaugurated the three exhibitions on three trains and one special exhibition train on 12th Jan. 2011.

This special exhibition train Vivekananda Express has arrived in Andhra Pradesh in June 2011.

The train “Vivekananda Express” consists of two Air-Conditioned coaches in which photographs, write-ups etc. are exhibited to project the life, work and message of Swamiji. The train will also include one Air-Conditioned 3-tier coach, one power car and one second class-cum- luggage van. The coaches have been refurbished at Liluah Workshop of Eastern Railway.

What will be the cost of all these coaches, fuel, travel, staff expenses? Please just imagine.

Had Ms. Mamata Banerjee studied the Complete Works of Vivekananda, particularly his epistles to Ms. Christina Greenstidel, or at least a part of this blog, we could have save millions of Rupees on wasteful expendture.

The Exhibition should have some pictures/photos of Swami Vivekananda searching for ducks, shad fish and turtles on the banks of the River Hooghly. It can also show a picture of Vivekananda sacrificing a goat, and igniting fireworks. One picture can show Vivekananda cooking mutton or asking for more and more from his co-disciple.

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