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Christian Missionaries vs Swami Vivekananda

Time frame: 1899 A.D.
Time Link: 1893 to 1901. Swami Vivekananda was visiting U.S.A. the second time. New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit etc. were in his destinations. He was trying to converting drunken Aristocratic American Women to Hinduism or Hindu monkhood.

The Christian missionaries were doing the other way round. Example: Location: Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, on the Eastern Coast of South India. Ms. Emma RAUSCHENBUSCH-CLOUGH Ph.D Member of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland - and her father Professor/Rev. A. Rauschenbusch D.D were converting thousands of poor Hindus into Christianity , in a guise of providing food to the hungry.

Here is a link to the book titled 'While sewing sandals' by Emma Rauschenbusch at book titled: While sewing sandals by Emma Rauscenbusch. This link gives the readers the English version.

The conversion period was longer than the 5 years job of Vivekananda. It was from about 1870 to 1900 or more. Between 1872 and 1875 there was a great famine in Andhra Pradesh, locally known as 'dokkala karuvu' (The famine of empty stomachs). Thousands of people died. The Christian missionaries might have considered that it was a God sent opportunity to convert the poorest and the most oppressed castes of India. The leather tanning and foot-wear making Madiga community of Ongole, (or Andhra Pradesh) was the most deprived and suffering caste at that time. The salesmanship of the Missionaries worked full-time in the name of service and did its heinous job of conversions. Why I am calling this heinous? That was the time when service ought to have occupied their brains and minds 100% and nothing else. But their priority was conversions! Their priority was baptizing. Their supervisors and donors from Boston were goading them to for numbers! They were finding fault with the missionaries in India, if they hesitated or lagged behind!

Trigger to me: A friend gave me a Telugu language translation of the book by one Shri vivinamurthy, published by Manasa, Bangalore. The translation is also very good, clear and reflected the English version. It is a recent publication. This book is a very recent publication. I am giving the information about the Telugu version because it will enable the Telugu readers to read it from hard print, if they are unable to download the English version from The readers of other languages can also try to find out if any translations are available in their mother tongue. I have shifted to the original English version.

What I wish to say at this moment? I shall revise later
No wonder! Islamic world today is on a defensive against the America and Nato. Euro-American target has become the Islam. We can also understand why Narendra Modi has turned so much hostile. The Missionaries of the 19th Century had at least some sort of missionary zeal and at least a 20% of service. Today's Christian missionaries - both the foreign and the indigenous- are 100% businessmen. However, I am throw 100% blame on the Christian missionaries. Even Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has become a truly business organisation. We cannot then blame even the TTD because individuals and institutions behave in the way, the Capitalist Managers of this whole world manipulate them. We are all like puppets.

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