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It is easy to judge from outside

Continuation of commentary on Ms. Emma Rauschenbusch
What Emma and her father missionary failed to recognise in their superiority-complex of the Greatness of Christianity was that the Sudras and the other castes who oppressed the Madigas, were also a poor and oppressed lot. Their Islamic and British rulers exploited them beyond all proportions. The Sudra farmers were forced to shell down 1/3 of crop they produced as tax to the Islamic and British rulers. This left very little for Sudras to pay to agricultural laborers as wages. If British and Muslim rulers robbed the landed castes, the landed class in turn squeezed the downtrodden. The illgotten wealth of the British rulers and businessmen was sent to England and N. America, which led to growth of prosperous classes in Europe and N. America. The prosperous classes pampered the missionaries with huge donations and gave them targets for conversions. For this reason only, the Boston sponsors were unhappy when the local missionary hesitated to baptize people under conditions of famine. They prodded him and made him to complete the job. But the same donors of Boston, New York and Chicago did not bother about the blacks living in the ghettos of the American Cities.
It will be appropriate to examine whether the position of the blacks changed quantitatively or qualitatively from 1872 to 2011?

Here is what a reader wrote on Internet, at an American Website. It is about the conditions prevailing in ghettoes in American Cities. Name of the site and link: It will not be inappropriate to quote what the sufferer wrote at that site:

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Why is it when people mention ghetto they have to make it a black and hispanic thing? There are all kinds of ghetto and in some non black and non hispanic neighborhood it is worst. How about Bay Ridge Brooklyn, or Marine Park Brooklyn or certain areas in Manhattan oh dont forget certain neighborhoods in LI. There is ghetto every where more so than we think but I think anything associated with blacks and hispanics has to be worst. Let me tell you I grew up in the ghetto, while there were drugs and selling going on there was families taking care of their responsibility that couldnt afford to live any where else. I played outsie during the summer, came home at night and still felt safe. Alot of times these families whom kids are on drugs or sellling that is all they know and nothing else. The schools in these neighborhoods doesnt care, there are no teaching going on, there are no caring going on and no money to help these kids, I know I was one of them didnt go in direction of drugs but I could see how that would be easy. I went through how many years of school didnt learn a thing as long as you were quiet teachers passed you, I got rude awakening when I started college lost. If these areas got the same amount of money and support other non blacks or hispanic did trust me you have a different story to tell because alot of these kids are smart. They survive poverty, and do what they have to do to feed their family. Without nice clothes they walk into a place for a job and are automatically judged by the way the look. So they resort to other alternative.

Like I said I've lived all over in the white of white neighborhoods and was freighten at night and have lived in so called hood and had no problem. What I find is that in the hood you coming home at night and these drug dealers look out for you, they see you with your school bags and know your face while this is not the case for all this was my experience. In white neighborhood, someone can be getting robbed and every nose up in the air not even looking at you. I've lived in diversed neighborhoods and felt fine. I've also lived in white neighborhoods and felt fine as I have lived in the so called hood and felt fine.

People please keep an open mind it is so easy to judge from the outside.

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