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Quote from the book 'While sewing sandals' of Ms. Emma Rauschenbusch, chapter: 'An Ancient Tribe'.

When it came to pass, twenty years ago, in the town of Ongole, in Southern India, that ten thousand Madigas turned to Christianity in one year, there was questioning as to the causes of this
movement. Devout minds saw in the baptism of two thousand two hundred and twenty-two in one day a modern Pentecost, and were filled with wonder and gratitude.

Others enquired with interest concerning accompanying circumstances and conditions, and when they heard of the famine which immediately
preceded this movement toward Christianity, they were satisfied that they had here the moving cause. The desire to enter upon the experience of the Christian was considered to stand in
direct proportion to the hunger that was gnawing.
But the mass movement toward Christianity continued long after the famine was over. Sixty thousand Madigas are to-day counted as Christians. The Madiga community of a part of the Telugu
country has become Christianized.

What readers of this blog can deduce
Ms. Emma's readers were the Europe and N. America. She was submitting a progress report to her and her father's donors. Just as the 21st Century Europeans and Americans are interested in the progress reports which the American President, British PM and the French President submits, the Boston and London donors of the 19th and 20th Centuries were interested in the 'numbers'. Why they should be so much interested in the conversions in a far off place like Ongole beyond seas? Probable Answer: The American missionaries have completed the job of converting African slave blacks. No more were left. The job of freeing the black slaves was left to Abraham Lincoln and his successors. The job of the missionary was just to immerse or pour some water on the head of the target, pronounce for him/her a new name, send the target to the church and report the statistics to the donor. Nothing more. The newly found members will be examined to find out of their utility to attract new members. It is like a Money Circulation Scheme!

The missionary has no stake in reforming the upper-caste man so as to make him feel equal to the oppressed lower caste person. If the missionary does it, he will lose his opportunity to convert. The oppressor and the oppressed will live in fraternity. That will pose a challenge to colonial rule and the bungalow dwelling doras (masters) be they the British Administrators, the European Merchants, and the White Missionaries, all have to pack their bags and leave.

I am not dissecting a dead corpse of the history of the 19th Century.
The conversions are current history and the live history of the 21st Century. The donors of the Europe, Australia, and North America are still pouring funds. They must also be happy that oppression by the upper castes of the lowest castes is still continuing, though in a lower degree and in a concealed manner. The Governments are (State and Central Govts.) unable to stop the foreign funds intended for conversion because the Indian leaders are busy swindling everything both domestic and foreign. The local leaders want the missionaries to help them by donating money, vehicles and votes of the converts. After all, money is mone and vote is vote. It is immaterial from whom the money, vehicles and the votes come.

One example will do to prove. Here is a quote from Times of dt. 9th June 2007.

Evangelist drops bombshell
TNN Jun 9, 2007, 04.50am IST

HYDERABAD: Globe-trotting evangelist K A Paul has alleged that chief minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy asked him for $ 5 million for his political campaign before the 2004 assembly elections.

Paul who rubs shoulders with high and mighty in the world also said he faced a threat to his life because of which he came out with his 'confession' before the public.
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Addressing a press conference on Friday, Paul said Rajasekhara Reddy had met him at his Charity City at Sadashivpet in Medak district and sought funds for his election campaign. "I told him that I had never given money to any political party and that the money I earn goes to the benefit of the widows and orphans around the world. But I said I would introduce him to some of my rich American friends with whom he could talk to," Paul said.

On timing of his allegations, Paul said YSR, after having been friends with him, was avoiding him and not supporting his global peace mission.

"I am not afraid of death. But if I am to die today, I want to take the Congress down with me for all the wrongs its leaders have done to India and global peace," Paul told TOI.

K A Paul was born Kilari Anand in Chittivalasa, Vizianagaram district in Andhra Pradesh.

His family converted to Christianity when he was three years in 1966. He leads the Global Peace Initiative and is known for visits to war-torn countries and 'counselling' the leaders there to bring peace.

The final provocation for his allegations against Rajasekhara Reddy is the cancellation of his Global Peace Mission that was to take 25 MPs from India on a peace mission to Iran, Syria, Libya and Venezuela in 2005.

Paul alleged that owing to the 'pressure' from the Bush administration of USA, Sonia Gandhi cancelled the peace mission that would end war in West Asia for good. "After two years of waiting when Sonia Gandhi and the Congress government repeatedly assured me that the peace mission would be relaunched, I have realised that it is not going to happen," Paul said.

He also claimed that he had proof of how he pressurised YSR to send an invitation to Bush's No 1 'enemy' Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to India as the AP state guest to be part of the peace mission.

Paul said when foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee heard of the invitation to Chavez, he called up YSR and said it was wrong on his part to contact the head of a foreign country. "This happened on March 16 and since then YSR has been avoiding me," he said.

The evangelist claims to have recorded conversations of every meeting and in possession of enough ammunition in the form of documents to bring down the government. He also claimed to be able to arrange for a Congress hearing in USA where it would be proved that USA had contacted Sonia Gandhi to abort the peace mission.

Paul said, "This is the only beginning and that he has a lot of proof up his sleeve and that he will disclose one at a time. "I am going on a peace rally in Kakinada on Saturday and Sunday. My co-ordinators there have told me thatthey got some threatening calls. The Congress can do anything to me, but I will expose its leaders even if I am to die. I have made arrangements to make sure of that," Paul said.
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Chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy brushed aside the allegations made by evangelist K A Paul as "baseless comments made through his hat."

Paul on Friday alleged that the chief minister was taking revenge against him as he did not give him $ 5 million demanded by him for his election campaign in 2004. Nursing this grudge, YSR misinformed Sonia Gandhi about his activities and prevailed upon her not to inaugurate his charitable home at Sadasivpet near Hyderabad.

He also alleged that housing minister Botsa Satyanarayana was also there when YSR sought funds. Paul said that he had asked them to come to the US so that he could help them through his friends, but they did not utilise the offer. Reacting to this, the chief minister said, "Paul need not fear any threat from me." He said he had never sought any funds for election campaign from Paul. Reddy said Paul's brother had invited him to visit Sadasivpet where a charitable institute is being run. At that time, Botsa Satyanaryana also accompanied him.

"It is a good institute and I appreciated the activities."

"Later, Paul met me and asked me to talk to Sonia Gandhi and invite her to inaugurate the new building. "I spoke to Sonia Gandhi but she did not evince any interest. I feel the man is talking through his hat," Reddy added. Meanwhile, the TDP demanded a judicial probe into the allegations.

When asked to comment, Reddy laughed and said, " I'm told Paul is close to Naidu."

this blogger's COMMENT
What Paul said may not be 100% true. Then, what Mr. Rajasekhara REddy said also could not be 100% true. The truth lies somewhere in between. This phenomenon of Indian politicians asking for funds/vehicles/aircrafts/helicopters/votes is an All India phenomenon. We need not wonder if it comes out that BJP is begging the Christian missionaries for funds/aircrafts/helicopters/votes. Otherwise, how Narendra Modi can fulfil his desire of becoming the 2014 Prime Minister of India?

We should not foolishly think that foreign Christian Missionaries will donate only to Indian Christian Missionaries. The foreign Christian Missionaries may not mind financing even the Hindu militant organisations for fomenting trouble. More trouble means - more religious strife, more inter-caste strife and that will facilitate more conversions. continue..

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