Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reducing smoking to nothingness is not in his hands

Ms. Josephine MacLeod wrote to Mrs. Bull on 23rd Sep. 1899.
(Both were disciples of Swami Vivekananda).

Context: Swamiji was in United States for the second time, to undergo some medical treatment and make some quick bucks by lecturing. By that time there were doubts in the minds of some British and American women about Swamiji's habits. Josephine Macleod, Mrs. Bull, Margot (Nivedita), Mrs. Leggett et al were exceptions. This letter speaks about Doctor Helmer's opinion about Vivekananda's health. The doctor is very clear.

The reference to Swamiji shooting blue clay pigeons, was probably about shooting of clay pigeons in the Casino owned by Mr. Leggett who was hosting Vivekananda, at Ridgely Manners.

...The two McKindley girls came yesterday. Since which time Swamiji has been bubbling over with boyishness-Dr. Helmer came at 6-&. by 7 we knew that Swamiji's trouble is curable-a spreading of the spine causes the kidney trouble-& though his heart & kidney are affected, Dr. says there is no reason he should not be as strong as he -smoking is gradually to be reduced to nothingness (Nirvana!) I still think you better come via Albany -and I think if Olea is here Dr. will come up next Saturday

He is to stay till Monday & is now shooting blue clay pigeons with Hol-who has a new gun. ...

ybrao a donkey's comments
*Would Swamiji have lived for 150 years, had he reduced smoking to nothingness? Vivekananda was lecturing during his first visit, that people would live 150 years if they practice yoga.

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